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Do you ever wonder...

...why, when the checkbook's off, it's never to your benefit?

...why athletes make millions playing, while stay-at-home moms make nothing and work harder than anyone?

...why babies can go home to parents that need to prove themselves "unfit" before that babe can go to a safe home, yet we need a license to drive a car? the ground can freeze solid, but the frogs still make it through the winter? you could possibly love another baby as much as your first?

...why your heart doesn't just explode from being too full of love?

...why some people can eat a whole pie, and seemingly burn more calories digesting it than they did eating it, while others, merely glance at that pie and gain 5 pounds?

...where all those missing socks go?

...if Barbie really couldn't stand if she were real?

...why some fashions ever make a come back? (hello blue eye shadow and leg warmers...)

...if everything happens for a reason?


  1. I am loving the pic of A-rod ;)

  2. Now I am wondering about all of that stuff too. If you figure any of it out let me know!

  3. Amen on athletes making too much money. I was driving to my job today, and heard about a college football coach who was about to be fired, yet would still receive an $18 million buyout... an eight-digit buyout for LOSING???


  4. I was asking the first question you posted yesterday. It just isn't right.

  5. Mama M...I am laughing out loud here! Yes, I have wondered about many of these things...especially the pie thing. I don't like that one. At all.

  6. I have always had a sore spot for athletes making as much money as they do. Especially when there are so many people, not just working moms, who work so hard and make so little. And if you figure out WHERE all of the socks are going, please let me know because I am missing hundreds. :)


  7. So I think that there should TOTALLY be a class that you have to take to be able to take your baby home. EVERYONE takes it and gets a "card" or license of sorts. If someone gives birth and doesnt have one, then they cant take their baby home until they have compleated the course and gotten their card. Thank you!

  8. I think leg warmers are making a come back. YIKES!! I've seen lots of little girls with something real similar at the school I work at.....along with splatter paint jeans and lots of neon!

  9. Hey...I like leg warmers on kids only. When an adult sports isn't cute. lol

    I think those are all right on for thoughts, I actually was talking about Barbie standing at work a couple days ago...she creaks me out.


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