Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Favorite Things! favorite things!!! Keely is hosting a favorite things blog carnival...and I thought it would be fun to jump on board!

Plus...she's offering a cute little giveaway, too!, my favorite things?

Newborns...oooooh, how I long for another o
ne...then reality comes by and smacks me upside the, I'll just settle for gazing upon pictures like this:

Sour Patch Kids...yummy! Sometimes, I eat them until my tongue is raw.

Ugg boots!! Every year I seem to find a favorite new pair...this year, it's these:

Christmas. Every single thing about it, but especially the smells and the Christmas music!! This, is one of my favorite songs:

And one last thing...blogging!!! I'm an addict! (Oh, and psssstttt...comments are my favorite, too!!) :)


  1. Newborns! I would LOVE to have another baby! But I don't want anymore KIDS. (So, no more babies, because I definitely don't want a baby that doesn't turn into a kid. Know what I mean?!)

    I have actually(GASP!) never had a pair of boots. This may have to be the year!

  2. Yay!! I love me some babies too..Thanks for playing along..:-)

  3. I love those uggs! They are soo cute! May need to check those out.. perhaps Santa could bring them ;)

    I am with Meghan... I would love another baby but not sure I could handle another baby..hmmm

    Have a good one! Praying no work tonite!! :)

  4. Hate to say it but I think I'm a bit of a blogging/computer addict too!

  5. Great list! I love a lot of these too, esp. sour patch kids and blogging.

  6. Some of my favorites: snuggling with the whole family in one bed and having a tickle fest, dancing with my girls in the kitchen, basically anything with my two girls. Oh, and babies... we want another one so I get to enjoy a favorite thing again... hopefully soon!

  7. I thought I was the only one who ate those things until my mouth was raw.

  8. I love Christmas too Mama M! I love to go shopping and pick out things for my family and then get in the car and listen to Christmas music in between stops while drinking an eggnog latte!

  9. I love those boots! Blogging addict here too!

  10. Great Christmas song. Thanks for sharing. I found your blog while searching for something.

    Since its relevant here and you might find it fun/useful. I also wanted to give a plug for a site Ive been working on that helps people share songs with their friends. Its free, easy and there's no account signup. Login with Facebook. Check it out if you get a chance. Hope you like it. Thanks!

  11. Oooh! I love newborns and sour patch kids too! Oh yeah, and comments. :) Hee Hee. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up!


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