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Snacks--Tip #1

Let's talk about snacks...

*Gasp*...I feel a song comin' on...

"Let's talk about snacks, baby.
Let's talk about you and me,
Let's talk about all the good things,
And the bad things, that may be.

Let's talk about snacks...
Let's talk about

Ohmigosh...I feel like I'm in a musical!!

I can see us on Broadway, now..."Keely and Mama M.'s 'Hot and Healthy Thru the Holidays...The Musical", that'd be a sight! ;)

But, anywho...back to the task at hand.

Today is tip day! Have you checked out Keely's fitness tip? Head on over there when you're finished reading today's fabulous Healthy Tip, and see what she has to say!

I dunno 'bout you, but I know I can use all the fitness tips I can get!

So, back to the, um...task at hand (as previously mentioned...I get sidetracked so stinkin' easy!).


We all do it.

And I am not here to tell you otherwise!

Oh no, my friend...this is not where you are gonna hear "stop snacking"!!

What I want to teach you all, is to snack smartly. Smart snacking. Snacking smart.

We all know what happens when we are told we can't have something, right? I mean, gosh...if someone says "you can't ever eat lima beans in your life ever again"...chances are, you'll immediately start craving them.

Or not.

Okay, lima beans = bad example.


But, what I'm trying to get across (do you see why I don't homeschool?) is that, denying yourself is the first step to failure. I guarantee it!

Now, does this mean I give you free rein to devour a bag of chips or M&M's or carton of ice cream?

Heck no!

Friends...we need to practice moderation.

"Moderation is the mark of maturity"! (I saw that on a bottle
of Peach Schnapps once when I was didn't really sink in then...)

Yes, my friends...I am telling you it is okay to have a snack every once in awhile...'cuz if you don't, you are setting yourself up for that binge! For that frantic ripping open of the bag while crumbs are flying out of your mouth Cookie Monster style...not cool.

(Yup...just like that! How appropriate that Google had that image!!! Happy 40th, Sesame Street!! Okay, sorry...had to get that out.)

So, let's pledge to do this:

First, everytime you open the "junk food cupboard" (come on, don't deny it...we all know everyone has one!!)...ask yourself first, "Am I really hungry?"

If the answer is, "YES!"...ask yourself, "Do I really need Doritos?"

If the answer is, "YES!!"...grab the bag, turn it over and check out the nutrition info. Allow yourself one serving, or less, of the junk you are craving. Often times, just grabbing a small handful of chips (and I'm talking less than the serving Godzilla size handfuls allowed...remember...moderation!!) and walking away to savor the snack will satisfy your need for junk.

Trust me on this!

Sometimes, just the questions alone are enough to deter me!

Second, I know that we are not all blessed (?cursed?) with the same metabolism and DNA make-up and genetics as one another (and, um...that's probably a good thing...can you imagine how schmucked up things would be if we all had the same genetics?), since we all metabolize things at different speeds (from hummingbird speed to tortoise speed), we need to hold each other accountable for "Sensible Snacking".

Third, let's look at the things we snack on, and make better choices.

I'm not gonna tell you to trade in your Dortios for carrot sticks...yes, indeed, they are both orange...but that's where the similarities stop. But, I will encourage you to trade in your potato chips for pretzels, your King Size Snickers for a bite size Snickers, your milk chocolate for dark chocolate.

Did you know that dark chocolate actually has health benefits?!

Indeed it does!

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and may lower blood pressure and (possibly) certain cholesterol levels! But, it's gotta be dark!! No cheating with the milk chocolate!! (Don't believe me? Check it out here!!

And lastly, (and this goes right along with moderation) I encourage you to pay attention to the "100 calorie" snacks.

Friends, you know those cute little pre-packaged bags of snacks?


Do it yourself, dudes!!

Those cute little numbers on the backs of bags and boxes...yeah...the "nutrition information", has all the info you need to create your own little 100 calorie ziplock snack sized bags (and heck, by using all those cute little'll be benefiting those of us in MinneSOOOOta, who could use a bigger carbon footprint and a little Global Warming! Kidding!!! Kidding. Kinda.)

Set aside just a teeny bit of time when you are done grocery shopping, or when the kiddos are sleeping, or when you finally have on cotton pickin', stinkin' minute to yourself...and make up some little snack bags, using the nutrition info on the back of the package as your guide.

With a few simple math'll be packing 100 calorie heat! ;)

1 + 1 = 2

That way, when you are inclined to snack...just a quick grab of a bag from the cupboard (one bag...just
one bag, my friends!), and you're all pre-measured out at an appropriate snack., you can't eat all the bags in one day. Set your limit at three.

And, again...let me stress:
Moderation...moderation...moderation. By allowing yourself a little something that you are craving, you will head off any Cookie Monster-esque junk food binges.

Now, this may not be something entirely new to you...but I promise you, if you are consciously snacking (okay...bad choice of many of us snack when we're unconscious?!)...but, what I mean is, when you
think about everything you put in your mouth...when you ask yourself, "do I really want this?"...when you make appropriate decisions about what you are snacking will be successful.

If it helps, keep a food journal...of every. single. thing. that you put in your mouth. Often times, we are not even aware of how much
yuck we put into our pie-holes everyday! (Oops, I said pie...sorry...)

And so, my friends...let's hold one another accountable!

Some of us have already been doing it...but I encourage you to start Tweeting about your progress...or your difficulties! There's an awesome network of friends out there rallying behind you to help you be successful,
in real time!! So, give it a shot! Use the hashtag #hahtth to check in on everybody!

I've also started a thread in my Blog Frog Community for support with healthy snacking! Need some encouragement from a fellow
HAHTTH'er? Head on over!!

And, now...I'm off to squeeze in my thirty minutes of're YOU doing with our Week 1 fitness goal?!

Keep up the good work, my friends!

Together...we can do it! ;)


  1. YAY!!! I loved it..Perfect!!! I think I did a snack!

  2. Did pretty good with my snacking yesterday! Hope I can keep it up! I chose an apple over candy but did allow myself one bite-sized candy bar because I was still craving chocolate. The apple filled me up so that I didn't want more than one piece of candy!
    Off to get "The Shred"!

  3. Loved the tip! I ate cherrios last night for a snack..not sure if that was healthy! lol but thats all i had

  4. These are good ideas!
    Thanks for the motivation to snack better today!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. These were good ideas. Thanks for the pointers on how to make good snack choices. I like the snack size baggies idea with the appropriate amount inside. I am going to do that with my Natural Cheetos so I won't be tempted to eat half the bag at one setting.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  6. Great ideas & OMG- i couldn't stop laughing! You're hilarious!

  7. Hey Mama M - completely unrelated comment here. I ordered a necklace over 3 weeks ago from after your post and I haven't received it (they said it would be 2 weeks). Nor have they responded to my inquiry. Do you know anything about this company? Is it legit? I'm wondering if I need to file a claim with PayPal? Any help you can give would be fab. Thanks!

  8. Aww man...and here I sit remembering that I promised myself to loose 20-25 pounds. Alright...I'll be good. By the way, love the Cookie Monster..I was going to use that image for my cookie carnival in Decemeber. Maybe I should rethink that carnival.

  9. Hi Mama M. I've been following off and on for a while now and just wanted to say I enjoy your blog. I was wondering if you could tell me where to get the Pray for Kate button. I have been following her story from the beginning and would love to post her button on my blog.

  10. Great post

    Since going gluten free I'm pretty good with snacking "healthy"

    Food just tastes different for me now and my craving are "different" but my big downfall

    I need to learn to step away from the "HOT TAMALES" a little more often


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