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Continued Celebration!

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly consume another 12,000 calories in one day...

I'm gonna do it again!

Um...okay...well...if I were to be completely honest, it'll probably be more than 12,000 calories.

You know...maybe I should take up Olympic swimming a
s a hobby. Help me burn some of these calories.

Anyone know how to get ahold of those Olympic folks?

See if they'd want me?


Moving on...

So, today, we're celebrating Thanksgiving, again!!

And the creme de le creme?

The piece de resistance?

The golden nugget (or something)?

I'll get to watch a football game of epic

Really, you should be envious of me.

Or not.

For today, my friends, is when the annual "Pig's A**
Bowl" takes place at my parents!

My dad,
(This is the Old Man)

My bros and Big A.:
(The Great One...And Big A.)

(This is Treehorn)
(The Chosen One)
Yeah, those five...they'll be takin' on my uncle, his sons and son-in-law, and his grandson in a Bowl like no other.

And, it ain't a pretty sight.

Trust me on that one.

I'll likely be putting my nursing skillz to work...seems like there's always a knee to the head in one of these games...and, I'm not so sure it's accidental.

And, to be completely honest. I like to see 'em, actually, no nursing skillz will be handed out to anyone taller than me...unless, of course, it's my Big A.

Then I will...but for the rest of 'em?

Nah. (You should hear 'em talk smack!! It's hilarious!! But, they totally deserve what's comin'!)

I love these get togethers.

A buncha hoodlums and a few perfectly pretty people (ahem...I like to place myself in the latter group) gathering to eat, laugh, eat some more, talk smack, laugh some more...and then eat again!

Next year...I'll invite you. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving, again!!


  1. It sounds like fun! What good family memories.

  2. Looks like it's going to be a fun time!!

  3. I love those big, brawling, smack-talking family football games! Roll on up to the table, work on that next round of calories, and have a great time!

  4. That sounds like a TON of fun...and I am a little jealous!! I don't know when it became cool to stay in on a Saturday night with the kids...but it is!! So that is what the hubs and I are doing tonight. Hope the game went well!

    ~Working Mommy
    Come on by, stay for a while and leave a comment or two!!

  5. What a neat family tradition! :) Enjoy your second round of Thanksgiving. I am jealous, actually. :) I want some more food!


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