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Men...Gotta Love 'em!

So, as you all's been a rough few days for me (and I promise!! I won't be talking sadness anymore! But, it's relevant, this time!!).

My hubs, the ever wonderful, Mr. Wonderful, is awesome. Seriously, I feel like I hit the jackpot when I married him.

Perfect in everyway...except...

*Gasp*...except, I say?!?!?!?

He lacks just a tad bit of compassion.

Just a smidge.

Oh, he can hug with the best of them (that took a lot
of teaching on my part), give his man buddy a good manly pat on the back, and, occasionally, shed a tear over a movie...(for example...'A River Runs Through It'...I mean, I know Brad Pitt is hot, but cry? He and his bros watched it and all cried. Weird. Oh, and don't tell him I told you...he'd be mortified!)

But...there are somethings he just doesn't get.

Sickness. Bah! Want chicken noodle soup and a backrub?

Well, you ain't gonna get it from him! (He's a worker and he rarely gets sick...he just doesn't understand it!)

Sadness? Uh oh.

I mean, gosh. How's a guy supposed to handle it when he asks his wife, "How was your day?", and her eyes well up with tears?

So, he hugged me.

And, it's just what I needed.

But, I think he's afraid to ask me how I am anymore! ;)

It's just his's what makes him, him.

And know what? Something else that makes him, him.

Last night, I came home from work, to a sleeping family...and a house that was sparkly clean!

And that is how he operates.

Always able to say the right things? Nope. Always knows just when I need a hug? Sometimes. Always able to show his love and concern is other ways? Yupper!

I love you, Mr. Wonderful...and thank you for the clean house!


  1. That's funny you should write about this today. Mine came home last night and I had been crying while doing dishes. He wanted to know if I had gotten soap in my eyes or something...never occurred that it might be from crying. Love him to death but he is so dense sometimes.

  2. Your Mr. Wonderful and my Big Mann have some things in shizzy!

  3. What a sweet post. I'll take a clean house over the right words, too!

  4. Ha, ha! That's great. I think that is that case with many husbands. I just don't think they were wired to have all the touchy feely feelings we do! Although my hubby is learning how to be more of what I need when I need it. It's really all about communicating our my opinion anyways. :) And I also love it when I come home to a clean house! :)

  5. Hey he might not know how to say it but he knows how to show it and that takes a lot more in my opinion. You think your Mr Wonderful wants to teach my hubby how to clean a house?!

  6. A clean house and snuggles from the kiddos.. sounds like your week is off to a better start! :)

  7. I think I take for granted that my husband always knows what to say or do. He tells me "I know you better than you know you". He really does always do his best to make me the happiest girl. Thanks for the reminder that I should be thankful for his strengths!

  8. I am not one who cries very often, and when I do, my husband has NO idea what to do with me. He'll say, "you never cry, I don't know what to do with you when you cry." He is a good hugger though :)

  9. Men show their love in a manly way :O) As long as we recognize these things as acts of love everything is fine :O)

  10. I have this picture in my mind of that awkward looking face men have in an uncomfortable situation with a woman. I am LOL at it. How sweet of him to get the kiddos in bed and clean the house though. That's way better than nothing!

  11. What is it with men and "A river runs through it"? All the guys I know rave about it, and they get all emotional and weepy. So weird! So sweet of your husband, though :)

  12. I love it!!(I have really been missing your posts...) My husbnad just told me that he was SO glad I wan't pregnant through our moving saga. He couldn't handle all those hormones under that amount of pressure. But, I think most guys are sensitive to it in their own way. I might get a little freaked out if he brought me some ice cream and tissues and started crying with me....

  13. I commented over at the BF, but I am trying really hard to be a better bloggy commenter friend.
    Love this post!

  14. I can relate to this, so much, but the cleaned house ;-)

  15. Love it! My hubby does the same thing with crying. They just don't understand that it's something that needs to be done sometimes.

  16. My hubby is the same way! He can't quite show compassion but he does know how to clean the house!

  17. I got one of those at home too...he means well though and he always gets up at night with my daughter so I count myself pretty lucky. :) I can make my own chicken soup! :)

  18. I'm still waiting.....

    My dad was not a "show your love" kind of guy. But I knew he loved me because whenver I needed him, he was there. My car was making a funny sound or the brakes were squeaking...bring it over. I was, I'll bring over the truck to help. That is how he showed it.

    In some ways, my husband is like my dad. My husband works very hard...two jobs...but he absolutely is clueless when it comes to showing any sort of affection or compassion or give an occasional "I appreciate you."

  19. To answer your grammar question...

    Always put yourself last - so 'so&so and my....' and remember in a compound possessive situation you do not ''s' the first person's name.


  20. Thanks for your post. It reminded me to be thankful for my hubby too!

  21. AAAAAWWWWW! Love it! And he reminds me very much of my hubby!

  22. What a lucky woman you are! I love my hubby so very much and am very thankful for him, but he hardly lifts a finger around the house. Let alone cleaning the WHOLE house while I'm not home. I'm always home, though!


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