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Mama Loves to Shop!


So, after some negotiating, begging, pleading, compromising...I'm goin' shopping!!

Every year, my mama and I go to "The World's Biggest Shopping Mall"...aka "The Mall of America" or "MOA"...previously known as "The Mega Mall" (but that is so passe...if you use it, you'll be scoffed at, laughed at, looked at with pity. Trust me on this one.)

And, every year, we go around deer hunting.

In my family, if you do something once, and it's a blast...well, then it becomes tradition! And, "ain't nobody mess with tradition".

So, since it's tradition, and since, well...there wasn't any other day to choose from...we planned our trip for the first Sunday-Monday of deer hunting.

And there's where we hit a snag. See, the kids don't have school on Monday, and this is Big A.'s first "huntin' trip"...I had a horrible case of Mommy guilt set in...since they'd have had to come back Sunday evening and miss hunting Monday.


I hate Mommy guilt.

So, a little rearranging of schedules...a little organizing child care...and little "JUMP IN THE SHOWER NOW" action...and we're golden!

We'll be leaving in a mere 2 hours.

So why am I still on the computer?

'Cuz Mama's got things to do!!

'Member? Tomorrow's the big "reveal" for my and Keely's (grammatical that appropriate? "My and Keely's?" or should it be "Mine and Keely's?" or "Keely's and my?" sigh...something's I'll just never get...)'s the big link up for our Healthy Through the Holidays (new name to be revealed soon) campaign!!

Stay tuned...


  1. While you're looking, I'd love.... :) Have a blast!

  2. Ohhhh, can you take me along with you on your shopping trip? I need some *retail therapy*!

    And sometimes when I'm writing a story for my newscast and I'm not sure what is grammatically correct, I find an appropriate "middle ground"... in your case, I'd go with "our" big reveal :)


  3. I have heard so many great things about the Mall of America. It is on my list of places to see before I die. Have fun.

  4. Have fun!! We love the MOA, we go there too much...but more to play than shop! :)

  5. Jealous!!
    We have some awesome malls nearby, but none quite like that (well, duh, obviously!)

  6. Oh M .. have so much fun! Leave it to you to quick rearrange all schedules to leave for shopping in a matter of minutes! Give your Mama a big hug for me!


  7. p.s. the other day my Big A said--you know, when Mama M calls and is available to meet for shopping or lunch, you're out the door really fast! That's because Mama M and spontaneous shopping or dining out go hand in hand :) lol!!

  8. I've been to MOA twice with friends from Eden Prairie. Live anywhere near there?

    Have fun a shoppin'.

  9. I have always wanted to go there!! So jealous!


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