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The TreeHouse Chronicles--Day 84

Mr. Wonderful's been workin' hard on the TreeHouse this fact, he even took time off from work for it!

This week saw the "shingling" of the TreeHouse...funny, I always think of chicken pox when I hear "shingles"...must be the nurse in me.

Anywho, so...the shingles are up (or, almost...there's still some pounding going on as I type...), and "The Loft" (remember? The Loft in which my hips got stuck? Yeah...that loft.) now has a railing!

A railing, yes. An end wall? No. So, while my children are protected from falling off the loft to the TreeHouse floor, they remain at risk from falling "off the deep end"...well, at least they'd land on soft ground. (I feel an irrational fear setting in...) Here's the deep end:

That's a big drop. Not only that, but take a look at the gap in the railing on the right...hello?!?!? I spy, with my little eye, a hole large enough for a small child to fall through (irrational fears, again...).

Here's my sorry attempt at an "artsy" shot of the "deep end"...yeah, I know...don't laugh!

And, just because, here's a shot of our dog..."Dora" in LabraDOR(a)...not as in "The ExploraDORA" case you were wondering.

Doesn't she look like a great hunter? Yeah, she's not. Don't let her fool you. She's a great kid dog, but that's 'bout it.


And, 'cuz I promised, here's the obligatory Halloween shots from last night!

Yup, quite the crew, huh? And, sweet "Hollywood Starlet", could be heard exclaiming, "Save me! Save me!!", much to the joy of her "Superhero" brothers.

While the spunky fairy, well, she didn't rightly care who needed saving or who was doing the saving. She had her own agenda...and that was seeing how much candy she could get by sweetly saying, "I get it? I get it?"...and it worked. People melted, and shoveled the candy into her bag (little did they know, that was my ploy...I totally trained her for Halloween night, since it's not socially acceptable for me to don a costume and beg for candy, dontchaknow?!).

Oh, and btw...the adorable tutu Tiny Girl's sporting? Created by none other than Adrina, the fabulous tutu guru...who sponsored a giveaway on my blog a while back? I couldn't resist, I had to buy one for myself...well, you know, not for myself, ahem...obviously. But for my TG!

And, it is scrumptious! I love it!

Here's wishing everyone a fabulastic week!! (Oh, and stay tuned for the "unveiling" of my and Keely's "Healthy Through the Holidays" campaign...soon to have a better name...).


  1. Wow. That is quite the tree house!! When it's finished, it might look better than our first house! Safe from flooding too, bwaaahaha!

    Love the "I get it!? I get it??!"
    Sweet, sweet, sweet.

  2. The treehouse... umm... amazing!

    The attempt at a nice shot of "the deep end"... beautiful actually.

    The costumes at the blue tutu... adorable!

  3. That treehouse is the Bombdigity! I wanna come over to your house and play..the kiddos..too cute!!!

  4. I salute your hubby for all his hard work to give the kiddos that fabulous treehouse. And I am a nervous ninny just like you,...I would be spying all of the things that might not be too safe. (Just ask him to hammer a couple more boards on the end of the loft thingy...(smile)

    Such cute pictures of your kids,...especially the little one. Love the tutu. clever!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. That treehouse is incredible! Wow!

    I also would be going over it with the mommy-eye to make sure it was 100% safe...I can't help myself!

  6. I love the treehouse. I wish I had one like that when I was growing up!

  7. Nice treehouse!

    And, nice Halloween costumes. In our neck of the woods, kids trick-or-treat until they're almost out of high school...I can't get used to wasn't that way the LAST place we lived (or anywhere else we've lived, for that matter...we live on Mars, presently...) :)

  8. my girls are looking over my shoulder drooling over your tree house. love the costumes for your kids, too cute. I need a tutu for my little ones, thanks for sharing.

  9. Doug just looked over my shoulder and said, "Wow that's a play house. Actually that's a real house."
    Very fun pictures of halloween. I love TG's tutu. I really want one, but can't justify it...yet. :)

  10. What a great Tree House!
    Such cute kids, fun costumes. And love the TUTU!

  11. lol this post had me laughing from beginning to end... you have quite a way with words!

    LOVE the pic of the dog and the rear end.

    I have a thing for baby butts.


  12. That tree house totally rocks!!! I want one (whine)

    Love the Halloween pictures. That tutu is too too cute.

  13. The tree house looks amazing! It looks huge! How fun it will be to spend the night camping out in there!

    haha love the Dora shot! dora looks like she's doing a covert eye peak behind the stalks of grass... maybe thinking..."I see you, but surely, you can't see me!"

    Great to have super hero brothers to protect the girls! I'm sure when the dating time starts, they'll be great prtoectors then too :o)

    ....and the last shot of the Tutu fairy climbing the huge stair is adorable!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  14. I have the same fears of falling children. My husband is planning on building the kids a fort next year...oh how I hope it is not high up!

    Those costume pictures are adorable! We have that same Batman costume :)


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