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Five Question Friday! 11/20

My Little Life

Holy time warp, batladies!!

This week just flew by with lightening speed! But, that means it's time once again for Five Question Friday! The fun, awesome blog carnival that let's us get to know one another with random, fun questions! Hope you'll join in!

Here's the rules: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog, answer the questions, grab the MckLinky Blog Hop code, and link up! Then, hop around and check out other fabulous bloggers! Oh, and...I'd love it if you'd link back to me, Mama M.!!

Don't have a blog but wanna join in?

Simply leave your answers in the comments!

Okay, here we go...

Questions for Friday, November 20th: (Special thanks this week to Liz, Heidi, Adrienne, Tyler, and Keely for their question suggestions, or inspiration!!)

Are you a Black Friday shopper?

What was your favorite childhood toy? (Think Easy Bake Oven, Cabbage Patch Kid, Shrinky Dinks, etc.)

Favorite Christmas movie?

What is the "must have" item on your Christmas list this year?

Do you go all out with decorations or do you keep it simple and classy?


Questions for Friday, November 20th:

Are you a Black Friday shopper? But I wanna be, and then when I think that I wanna be, I remember my frustration and stress at my recent holy busy batman, Gap sale.

And then I think no, again.

Oh, but how I want to be!! To elbow people out of the way and step on toes and fight over that one last coveted item, similar to how you fight over the ball in basketball, or perhaps, like a fumble in football.

Okay...I dunno.

Should I be a Black Friday Shopper? You tell me...I'll take your advice!! (And, any hints and suggestions you might wearing a helmet and full body pads...)

What was your favorite childhood toy? (Think Easy Bake Oven, Cabbage Patch Kid, Shrinky Dinks, etc.)

Oh, man!! I was a Cabbage Patch fah-reak!!!

I loved me some Cabbage Patch Kids!

One Christmas, I got a CPK from Santa, and when I saw my gifts, the box had been opened...I was devastated.

Like, it totally ruined my Christmas...and I remain to this day, weird about opening things!!! My family knows not to open my stuff, it's an obsession of mine.

My crazy aunt (something's wrong with her...we're just not quite sure what...) opened the box, I think she did it to spite me.

But, I could be wrong. ;) ruined me for life!

Favorite Christmas movie?

Okay, no laughing...okay?


I know I'm supposed to answer "Miracle on 34th Street" or "It's a Wonderful Life" but, that's not what I'm gonna say.

It is...

Are you ready?


Hey!! No laughing! And, yes, I'm talking the Will Ferrell movie.

I love it! It makes me laugh!

And, I also love "The Polar Express".


It's time to break out the Christmas movies!!

What is the "must have" item on your Christmas list this year?

Oh, my...are we dreaming or being realistic?

Okay...first the dreams: a MacBook, a KitchenAid mixer, a fancy schmancy lens for my camera (and, heck...some lessons to use it too!!).

Reality: A necklace from the giveaway I had a while back, a not so fancy schmancy lens for my camera, Photoshop, some new clothes, and a whole bunch of hugs.

Do you go all out with decorations or do you keep it simple and classy?

Man, we are totally a "go all out" decorating kind of a family!

No fancy tree with all one color glass ornaments or golden ribbons.

We are a popcorn string, homemade ornament kinda family!

And, I love it! I can't see it any other way...'course it's all I know, but it's what Christmas is to me!!


Okay, now it's your turn!!

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  1. I am so with you on Christmas. I said we keep it classy but its definitely not simple. And my tree is far from it. Love colored lights and all of the hand me down ornaments from my mom! As I said in my post, I am hoping to convince the hubby to put it up this weekend! :)

  2. I have been waiting all day for you to finally post your 5QF :o) You know what's funny??? I never read your answers to the questions until I am done writing my own. I don't want to spoil my answers if I like yours better :o) I know I'm a dork

  3. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE LOVE LOVE ELF!!! NO laughing here!!! LOVE that movie!!

    All I can say is steer clear of Kohls on Black Friday!

  4. I love "Elf" too! I also adore "Love Actually", although it's not by definition a Christmas movie. Just a movie filled with the generic holiday spirit!

    I feel so guilty-- I did another Friday blog hop... but I promise, I will be back next week :( Don't be mad!!!


  5. We watch ELF all year round, it's not just for Christmas at my house, but then again, I do Christmas music the same way!!

    My tree has tons of homemades on it... i like homemade and woodsy looking ornaments... and cute little keepsake ornaments.

  6. I LOVE Elf!! I serioulsy can't stop laughing through the whole movie, my husband thinks I'm such a dork...but dude, it's so funny! I say NO to Black Friday! I used to work in retail back in the day and people are straight up nutso!!
    Are you going to MOA to see PW tomorrow?

  7. My daughter was a Cabbage Patch collector and still is. I created her after all and would dig through them to find the one with the right name or birthdate.

  8. I would love some lessons on how to use my camera too!

  9. Just say no to Black Friday, M! I'm convinced that this year will be even more brutal than ever with the economic desperate feelings out there and someone's bound to get seriously hurt or worse.

    However, I personally LOVE going the day after Christmas! All the fun of Black Friday deals but people aren't so serious and deadly!

    And ELF is hands down the best Christmas Movie--but I also love the original Grinch and Miracle on 34th Street and I agree with one of hte comments above--LOVE Love Actually :)

  10. i had lots of cabbage patch kids too! one time my mom decided it would be a good idea to take one of the dolls and cut its hair. she maimed that thing big time. and hey, elf is a good movie, lol!

  11. 1) I do NOT do BFS. Shopping should not and is not a contact sport.

    2) We've been watching Polar Express for WEEKS...

    3) "why are we whispering?"

    4)I am a "grab the magazine, card, paper, book, toy etc from the back because I cannot stand it if its been played, read, looked at, etc.

    Yup, I'm a freak like that.

  12. I love Elf too, though it had been out for a long time beore I ever actually go to see it. Fun post.

  13. I just found your blog from reading someone else's and love your 5 question Friday! I will join in next week for sure.

    I LOVE to go shopping on Black Friday. I look forward to it every year! I am one to be there at 5 a.m!

    My favorite Christmas movie of all time is Christmas Vacation!

  14. You hit 50 links this week! Awesome girl!! :)

  15. I put Elf down as one of my favorites, too. It is a classic!

    I know I'm a little late jumping in, but I just found this today and really wanted to participate!

  16. You should totally do Black Friday! It is amazing, and as long as you go into it with the right frame of mind {ie- that you will not be smacking a b*tch up for taking that last coveted item}, you will do just fine.

  17. I love the movie Elf!! It has become a family tradition to watch it together on Christmas Eve.

  18. I stay far away from all the stores on Black Friday. I don't really have a favorite Christmas movie but Elf is a good one. I loved my Cabbage Patch kids when I was a child too. My must have Christmas item for this year would have to be a new pair of jeans. All of my jeans have holes in the knee. All we do is put up a simple Christmas tree. All of our ornaments are cheap plastic or hand made.


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