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Hot and Healthy Thru the Holidays!!

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Hey everyone!! It's here! After much thought and discussion and voting and lost sleep and bare knuckle boxing...the name of our "gig" is "Hot and Healthy Thru the Holidays"!! Whadya think?
We love it...think it's the bombdiggity!

Okay, so here's the deets, peeps:

Starting today, Tuesday November 3rd and running through New Years Day, we will be supporting, encouraging, cheering on, and holding accountable everyone who signs up...everyone who's "in"!

Tuesdays, we'll have a MckLinky Blog's Blog Hop will be to post "why" you feel like you need to jump on board this crazy train, and by linking up today, you'll be saying "I'm in!! I'm in!!"! Doing it Blog Hop Style will allow us all to quickly visit one another's sites to provide supportive, encouraging comments! We'll be each other's personal trainer and cheerleader!

There will also be a weekly fitness goal...set by our own personal "Fitness Guru, Keely"!!

The first week's goal (starting today...) is: at least a half hour of cardio 5 days out of the week. If you do more..even better! You can walk, run, jump rope, exercise video's, gym, ride a bike etc...running after the kiddos, however, does not count.

On each subsequent Tuesday, your Blog Hop link will be about your progress, your downfalls, your achievements, or your weaknesses...remember, "keep it real"!! Those Tuesdays are also where you will "log" your exercise hours...tell us where you're at for "meeting the goal"!! We're here for each let's hear it all! No sugar coating allowed!!

Thursdays will be our "Tip Day"...Keely will be providing us with a "Fitness Tip"...and Mama M. will be providing a "Health Tip"! You can look forward to learning key ways to get fit, healthy eating tips, and even health in general tips! While we plan on coordinating this "trip" together, we will likely have completely different posts, we plan on doing a lot of linking back and forth to one another! We need to make sure you'll get all of the fabulous tips you deserve!

And...(ha! As if it could get any better!!)...there will be a prize for someone at the end of this gig! Likely, the person who logs the most hours of exercise will win it! We still aren't quite sure what the prize will be...but it'll be awesome! Rest assured!

And, just 'cuz we want you to know where we stand...what follows below, is our own personal reasons for taking the "Hot and Healthy Thru the Holidays" plunge!

So...let's hear it! Who's in?


I'm in!! I'm in!!!

Well, guess that's obvious...since I'm kinda, this gig!!

I have to say...I need this. I need this bad.

I am a junk food fact, my husband is convince that through some weird, DNA mutation, I was blessed (cursed?) with fingers that are made for opening snacks. It's kinda freaky.

And, one of my dream jobs?

Opening a Willy Wonka-esque candy store!

So, yeah...I need this!

I've also gotten a, soft, since bearing, nursing, raising 5 children. I find that my time is not used well...and my cute little "pre-marriage/baby/hitting thirty" hard body is looooonnnngggg gone.

Long gone, my friends!

But...I want it back!

And I need someone, besides myself, my hubby (who loves me anyway), or my kids (who don't rightly care what I look like as long as supper's on the table, their clothes are clean, and I'm there to tuck them in at night...) to hold me accountable.

And that's where I need your help!

This holiday time is hard on all of around every corner, at every gathering...who the heck doesn't need a little accounting for at this time of the year?!!!

(Side note by you know there are only 52 days until Christmas? I'm panicking!!)

But, honestly...I need this time to be smart, to enjoy the holidays without feeling my waistband get tighter and without seeing that chicken fat under my arms get wobblier. *Shudder*

I'm no different than anyone else out there...I am not a health nut or a work out queen. I will be learning right along side you...the tips I give will be based upon my research for all of us! I have to admit, I'm a little bit worried, but a lot excited about what we can learn about health and fitness together!

So, my me out! Cheer me on!

'Cuz you know I'm right there beside ya, cheering you on!!

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  1. I'm in & very excited to have extra support & be able to be a cheerleader for others...
    I've never done a McLinky- so do you post the original Hop Link?

  2. nevermind- i figured it i just need to write my post!

  3. Hi :), So I just came across your blog through Mckmama's blog and I love yours! I especially love this post and this idea! i just recently started blogging about a month and a half ago about my own weight loss journey. In the last 10 months I have lost 153lbs in the last 10 months with diet and exersise and felt it would be neat to share my journey and the struggles of loosing the last 26lbs or so. Anyways I LOVE this idea of staying healthy through the holidays, because this will be my first holiday season as the "new healthy me". So that means no pumkin pie, piles of potato's and Christmas cookies lol! I think encouraging eachother will be SO awesome and I can't wait for this! SO SO glad i just ran across your blog today and I will deff. be reading more and following it! Thanks for the great idea! Have a great day!
    ~Kassandra :o)

  4. Me too! Totally pumped to start and {ahem} FINISH this!

  5. nice to "meet" you too! thanks for doing this with Keel... it is much needed! and i'm proud to say i just finished an hour of working out.... woot woot... maybe i worked off those marshmallows i ate earlier!

  6. Dude!! Kassi just wants to win...

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I just found your blog and would really like to participate. Is there anyway to get the MckLinky back up so I can join? Thanks!


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