Monday, October 25, 2010

Whoa...Superb Parenting Skills Forthcoming.

I was discussing "girlfriends" with my teenager the other day.

He's 14. He's had one "girlfriend" (if you can count one week of no contact, no talking, no nothin', as having a "girlfriend").

Here's our conversation:

Me: "Do you have a girlfriend?"

He: "Nope."

Me: "Well, good. And, I'm gonna give you a piece of advice."

He: "What's that?"

Me: "Stay away from 14 year old girls. They're crazy."

He: *shaking head, chuckling*

Me: "I'M SERIOUS!! They are! I know you'll never believe me, but I used to be a 14 year old girl once. And trust me...14 year old girls are crazy. Just stay away from them."

He: *laughing* "Okay! But, what will you tell Belle when she's 14? That 14 year old boys are crazy?"

Me: "Oh, no. Nope. Not at all. I'll tell her; 'Belle, leave the boys alone. You don't realize it yet, but you're crazy right now. It'll pass, and pretty soon, you'll be normal again. So, just leave the boys alone.'"

He: *really laughing*

Belle: "What mom?"

Me: "Nothing hon. I'll tell you when you're 14."


  1. LOL!!!! I love it, too funny :o) And so true!

  2. Haha!! I love it!! And I agree with you 100%! :)

  3. Too cute! I've almost survived the teenage girls but now I'm looking at the boys getting closer to "that age" and I'm scared! I really think girls are easier ;-)

  4. I am so not looking forward to the teen years with my daughter.

  5. as a mom of a 13 year old I so love this

  6. If the crazy girls talk doesn't work, tell him about the dirty girls....because my 18-year old brother is getting over mono FOR THE SECOND TIME (and he missed Homecoming TWO years in a row because of it, and of course this year he's a senior and on the football team, so he missed the big game).... So yeah, just tell him girls are dirty!! :-)

  7. At least your talking about girlfriends ;) We are talking drivers ed here... looks like Matt starts in January ;(

    Matt is suitably scared off of girls right now, running these past 2 weeks with 4 senior girls and their chatter has given him way more information that he did not need to know (his comments here) He is staying as far away from girls as he can..... ;)

  8. I think you developed good parenting skills. The way you talk to your child with that topic is very interesting.

  9. I definitely agreed with Michael. This short story is full of well tested techniques for parents. I’m so glad I found this site which is so easy to follow along at your own pace. positive parenting


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