Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Reception Part Deuce...Wedding Weekend Part 4.

So, I promised more on the reception, and I just KNOW that you've all been dying to know about it.

Biting your nails, wondering WHAT on earth is taking me so long to post it.

Oh, weren't?

Well, here you go anyway!

Remember when I said the kids had plenty of time to bonk heads and smash chins and run crazy and make me noivous and kick groins and cut a rug? See, proof:

The "Dollar Dance"...and as I'm typing this, I this a nation (world?) wide wedding activity, or is it specific to the upper MidWest? (And, here's where I resort to flash photography. Oh, well...)

My handsome husband, giving his best man speech (awww...look! He can't keep his eyes off me! Hmmm...maybe 'cuz it's that we had been fighting and had just made up a few hours before and he's thinking about "sealing that make up" later in the evening? No? TMI? Sorry...):

One of my (many...for the record, my husband is one of 10 children! 6 boys, 4 girls, he is, I have MANY in-laws!) brother's-in-law...stealing the spotlight, as always. ;)

And, the highlight of the night...the "garter" event!

One of the bridesmaids (above, dancing with the bride) suggested making the groom have a "dance off" for the attempt at the garter.

He had to dance down an aisle of people, and his new bride had to give him the thumbs up or thumbs down.

Thumbs down meant he went further back down the "aisle" to try to dance his way to the garter!

Let's just say that there were many thumbs down...which brought LOT'S of laughs...he was a great sport! Finally, as a final attempt to win his bride's acceptance...he staged a fall...

...and that did the trick! He finally got his hands (teeth?) on that garter!

The party continued...somehow a "dancing hat" was created, which resulted in it's wearer dancing in the middle of a circle, here is one ridiculously gorgeous cousin takin' her turn with the hat:

And, a nephew, jammin' like a rock star:

And, a whole mess of my sister's-in-law...(oops!! Sorry I cut you off, E.! One too many Mike's, perhaps?):

I would like to point out the adorable necklace on the second from the left was sooooooo cute! And, aren't they gorgeous?

Phew. I'm tired just reliving that! It was a fun, fabulous wedding...welcome to the family, L.!!

And, there ya have it! The final (*collective sigh of relief* Hey, I heard that!) installment of the "Wedding Weekend"!


  1. I've been to weddings in Ohio, New York, and many in my home state of Florida, and the outgoing couples all had dollar dances. One of my cousins made $500! She also had 200+ ppl at the wedding, but still!

  2. I enjoyed looking thru all the pictures-thank you! And the first two pictures CRACKED ME UP!!! Yep-you described it perfectly in your previous post!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. My mother-in-law insists on us having this dollar dance you speak of in our upcoming (read:nonexistent) second ceremony. His parents are from PA. I had never heard of this wedding ritual until she told me all about it.
    Oh, and just FYI- I now wonder if my 3rd toe actually is longer than my first. lol Have a fun weekend!

  4. LOVE the shots of the kids dancing!!

    And, UGH! The dollar dance. It's here in IL. Although most weddings lately don't do them. *cough* thank God.

  5. We do the Dollar Dance here in Wisconsin.....

    I just love weddings and this one looks like it was sooooo much fun.

  6. I really had been waiting for this post!!!! And we do the dollar dance in MO too - except sometimes people try and make it the $5 dance ;o)
    You do have a beautiful family!

  7. Hey there! New reader. Loved the pictures! And yeah, the whole 5 dollar dance is totally a northern thing. I'd never heard of it until my dad married my northern stepmom.
    Here in the South, we just stick to registries and good ol' appliances. :) A few people stick a check in a card. But that's as far as it goes. However, it might've been nice when I got married! :)

  8. Looks like a fun wedding.I am a new follower.Look forward to stopping by again.would love you to stop by.Blessings,Marla Grace


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