Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun...Fall...Playing Hooky...

Disclaimer: My brain is frozen and my hands are numb with cold (how will I make it through winter?!!!), so I dredged up this post from the depths of the draft dungeons of my blog. Forgive me. And, wasn't all that long ago, so you don't need to worry about cobwebs or mildew or anything. /End Disclaimer.

I let my kids have the day off.

We played in the woods and hung out with California cousins.

Aywah spirits were released (I have no idea if I even spelled that right...but, apparently, milk weed seeds look like something from the Avatar movie. I wouldn't know...I'm not cool enough to have seen that movie.).

CA uncle taught the kids the lizard. Or upward laying dog, or something.

Baby girl can't possibly imagine leaving her "pack pack" at home...even tho I end up carrying it 97.4% of the time.

There was lot's of giggling and bonding amongst the children.

I felt left out without my husband walking by my side.

CA cousins are their dads.

Sometimes, when you think about where you are supposed to put your tongue, it just doesn't really fit anywhere.

Playing hooky...everyone should do it!


  1. little buddy has a "pack pack". :) That made me smile. :)

  2. awwe what good pics... please mail me some cold I am over the 90* days

  3. playing hooky for cousins is the best reason

  4. Oh, what a fun day! Great shots too, I really like the milkweed one.


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