Monday, October 4, 2010

"Boys of Fall"

When I first heard Kenny Chesney's "Boys of Fall"...I'll admit, I kinda scoffed a little. See, I think there's something about good ol'd Kenny that is well, hawt, but he's just...well, he's short and skinny and bald.

I just couldn't see him as a football player. But then...I listened to the song a little harder, and I fell in love with it. It sort of makes me feel wistful and brings back warm fuzzy feelings of Homecoming and footballs games in high school.

Then, I had my teenager listen to it. His take, "I like the words." Typical teenager...uses as few words as possible! ;)

I have now become a mother of one of the "Boys of Fall"...and it makes me feel equal parts old and youthful. Old, because it's hard for me to grasp that my boy is a high schooler and turning into a man right before my very eyes, and youthful, 'cuz I remember those days. Those days when football games were the most important thing in the world.

So, Kenny...I take back my scoff...thanks for (yet another) awesome song that evokes strong emotion! ('Cuz, you know...I'm sure Kenny reads my blog.) ;)


PS...this week's TextEducation is about "Decoding your Teen's Text Lingo"...I dunno about you, but OMG, is one of the few text shorthands I know. I'm off to read more about this myself!

Signed, You're Favorite TextEd Ambassador


  1. *siiiiigh* I know exactly what you mean. His songs ALMOST have the same effect on me as Zac Brown Band's songs.

    But he is skinng & short. (& wears his jeans a few sizes too small.)

  2. Great post! I have 4 little dudes- those kind of songs make me somewhat sad. The older my kids get the more I realize how quickly the magic of their childhood is going.


  3. My "Boy of Fall" runs cross country... might not be as glorious as a FB player, but he would be killed on the FB field with those monsters ;) at least he could run away faster than them

    Also his running buddy is a senior girl used to be 2 ;)

    We still need to make it to one of the FB games at his school, he just has early morning CC meets and it hasn't worked out yet.

  4. Oh... I went to watch my "little" brother play football the other day and had a bit of a flashback watching all the kids out gathered around their cars and doing all those "after the game" type activities.

  5. I grew up in a small town where football was a way of life. I loved Kenny's song the first time I heard it b/c it took me back to all of those Friday nights watching the boys on the field. Now I'm a mom of one of the boys it just means that much more.

  6. The first time I heard this song I had goosebumps cover my arms. It brought me straight back to middle school. It was a simpler time when we girls would put the pins of the football players on our purse, swap pop swatches and wear the football players jackets. It was a bonus if their dad was in the military and you wore their dads camo jacket! The boys would wear their jerseys on game day and the cheerleaders would wear their uniforms. Things have changed now and NOTHING is that simple anymore!

  7. I do not see your logic


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