Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Ceremony...Wedding Weekend Part 2.

So, I woke up after the Groom's Dinner feeling even more like cocky-poo than I did the day before. (Too many Mike's Lemonades, perhaps?)

The Mr. sweetly asked me how I was feeling, and I think I answered with a groan. It wasn't so much a "hang over-y" feeling, as it was just a plain old "ill" feeling. Just a few short minutes later, he brought in a few ibuprofen for me...

His version of an olive branch?

We went to get our left behind vehicle, and on the ride to town, we made peace.

When we returned, he got ready and was so incredibly handsome in his tux that even if he hadn't apologized, I would've forgiven him right then and there.

Besides, I think the drool on my face would have given away my softening heart.

I dunno for sure, but I think maybe it would have.

(Whoooo weeee!! Dude was smokin' hot. Gosh...I'm blushing just thinking about it...)

What proceeded was perhaps the longest three hours (okay, more like 5...photos, ceremony, receiving line) of my entire life. Lovely wedding, but solo parenting 5 bored, dressed up children is NOT my version of a good time.

Note to others...pick unmarried, childless wedding attendants. It'll make their spouses very, very, VERY happy. ;)

Here, let me show you just how lovely the wedding was...(PS...I've realized that my aversion to flash photography needs to end. I must invest in a "nice" flash for my camera...)

The groom and some of his handsome brothers (really, I just wanted to show you, once again, how incredibly handsome my husband looked...forget about the rest of them...

The other brother, not in the above photo...

One of the gorgeous sisters...

The wedding colors were beautiful!! Perfect for fall...

I've decided that the groom meeting the bride halfway down the aisle is my new favorite thing. Made me all misty eyed...

And, one of my favorite photos of the day...the nervous groom, wiping his brow!

Next up?

The reception...stay tuned!!


  1. LOL you are totally making me laugh!!! These posts are so fun!!!

  2. Those were truly beautiful wedding colors. How many siblings does your Hubby have?

  3. Great story-gorgeous church. The Stations of the Cross and altar are beautiful.

  4. What beautiful colors for the wedding.....

    I love a woman in love with her hubs!

  5. Woo Wee what a hottie Mr. Wonderful was ;) The wedding looked gorgeous.. now I am dying to see what the reception looked like.. think we may need that reception post tonight..whaddya say?!?!

  6. Very pretty colors! SO glad you kissed and made up and yes, he looked great! :)

  7. Ranks right up there with me trying to jump my man at his dad's funeral. I tell you, it was that darn peacock blue button-down shirt and new wranglers. Guess we're all suckers for a dressed up hottie. Too bad we can't get them spiffed like that a little more often without needing a major excuse.

  8. Oh, I love the colors! And what is that about seeing your man in a tux....I just love it. I mean, when I see MY man, not yours. Oh, I hope you know what I mean....

    And Mike's Lemonaide.....yum...

  9. I love wedding pictures!!!! Can you post a picture of the bride, please???

  10. Getting married in Dec and was thinking of having my fiancé meet me half way down the aisel so I Googled it and found your blog. My dad died when I wad 5, my mom has been in and out if prison, my grandparents raised me but are now deceased. I've spent 18-30 putting myself through college and making sure I don't end up a statistic. I met my fiancé 6 yrs ago and he is my family. I feel like meeting me half way down the aisel is symbolic of my journey in life. Reading your post confirmed that this is a good idea. Thank you. Sorry for ranting

  11. The "other" brother not pictured above is a cutie :o)


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