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Mouse Wars...

Round One:

Just great.

We've had a mouse living in our living room (bold little sucker) recently. To be honest, I was sick of him...and, okay, so I was a little grossed out too.

Without having much prior luck with mouse traps and/or deCon, I decided to go the old sticky trap route this time, as I've heard they're the only way to go.

We set out a couple of strategically placed traps, in hopes to catch the little beast in his tracks.

Let me tell you, this is a resourceful little mouse. I under estimated him.

The next morning, I woke a little mouse print in the trap by the stove and a missing living room trap. I thought I had scored, called up the hubby to thank him for being so kind and loving and thoughtful for removing the poor little trapped mousey-poo and he was all..."Er...I didn't move it."


"Nope...didn't touch it."

Yeah...nobody else coulda touched that trap...which means I had a mouse, with a sticky trap attached to it, somewhere in my home. And, my husband, being the man that he is, nonchalantly said, "Oh, it's just probably under the couch."

Grody. Ew. Uh-uh. Aw, man...really?

So, my choices: 1. Either wait for the Mr. to return home from work to be my knight in shining armor and rescue me from this retched beast.


2. Tackle it myself.


Here's how the story ended: I tackled it myself...found the *empty* sticky trap stuck to the bottom of the couch. Dang, little Houdini mouse.

We replaced some traps, according to strategery, and waited in the bushes for the ambush. We got him...stuck to both traps AND the bottom of the couch.


Or so we thought...

And the saga continues...

Stay tuned for "the rest of the story"...


  1. I chose you for an award. Check out my blog to snag it! Have a Great Day!

  2. omg, that picture just made me throw up a little in my mouth

  3. Eeeew! We had a mouse get stuck on a glue trap once and I found him squeaking away in pain because he had chewed through his lower back leg so his foot was stuck and his leg was free...ish, but since the rest of him was stuck the raw stump kept touching the sticky stuff and since it was so slimy it wasn't sticking but had to be absurdly painful and this is the longest sentence ever but omg it was horrific and I'll never use another glue trap because I cried for hours over the pain I put this creature though. I hate mice in the house.

  4. icky kaka! I just sent you an email with the best ever trap. Go get em Mama! Good luck!

  5. CANNOT do those traps over here. We tried and I had to call the hubby home every time. This is the first house I have lived in out of 13 where wo do not have mice- SO FAR (not being cocky!) We did the live traps with peanut butter crackers and had to put them where we thought they were coming in. (utensil drawer was popular in one home b/c the kitchen cabinets were against the exterior wall -UGH, right?) My husband would drive the little suckers a mile away and I SWEAR they found their way back until we moved 3 hours away. :) Good Luck!

  6. We live basically in the middle of a hay field and constantly have mice. We set a glue trap this spring in the laundry room. When I checked it the next day there were four tiny baby mice on it, but no Mama Mouse =/ I wish they'd just stay out and not force us to go through such Nazi efforts to get rid of them!

  7. Oh my goodness just last week we had a mouse in our kitchen!!!! I have this weird mouse sense....I ALWAYS knows a day or two before the mouse shows himself that it's there. I don't have to see any evidence, I just somehow know! Creepy, huh?! We used a sticky trap last week to catch ours, but the ones we used look different. It was funny b/c it kept trying to shake the sticky thing off & couldn't get it and then emptied the contents of its bowels on my floor before my hubby got it out of there! GRODY!!!!
    Anyways....I know your pain. :)

  8. Honestly mice are my biggest fear. Sad I know, that those little tiny things could have me so fearful, but seriously, I hate them. We live in the country, we're surrounded by fields, my husband farms, and our house is pretty old so we have mice all the time. It doesn't matter how clean or dejunked my house is, they still come in. We leave traps set. Once we catch one we re-peanut butter that sucker and reset! Good luck getting rid of them. I don't think I could do the sticky .. I don't want to see them alive, harsh I know but there's enough to kill the few that come inside ;)

  9. Ack! I hope you get it! My dad and cousin quite literally cornered one with a mop and a broom once and stunned it. I am not sure what happened after that but I am pretty sure they disposed of it. I have also witnessed my itty bitty mother broad jump onto the bathroom counter when she saw one run out of the bathroom! We lived near the woods. We got a kitty and they were all taken care of!

  10. when you figure it out, let me know. we have one in our garage. I put out traps with peanut butter and it ate the peanut butter without getting trapped. so i went sticky and caught a lizard and a spider. I feel worse now than when i started.

  11. I seriously don't know what I'd do if I discovered a mouse living in my house...I'd probably just have to move. I don't think I could handle it. The bugs/spiders we get are enough for me. Good luck!

  12. Sticky traps stink! We had one in our outdoor garbage, so I set a sticky trap (rat size just so it was big enough!) along the fence. Next morning it was gone, but nowhere to be found. Finally found it when I backed my car out of the driveway.... Still squirming! Somehow it squirmed itself UNDER the fence while trapped!!! Left it there all day until DH came home to dispose of it! Eeeewww!

  13. Those little suckers are Houdinis and Texas Chainsaw Massacres all died into one. The damage one does is annoying, irritating,and enough to bring out my cold blooded murder with out mercy side.


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