Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spilled Milk...I might've cried. Maybe.

Spilled milk.

All over.

Running down the table, chairs, floor.

And, oh fabulous home maker that built this home...why is the milk running in a little rivulet across the floor? I'm no carpenter...but that tells me that things aren't level and square and plumb and "right on the nuts". No?

You know how they say there's no use crying over spilled milk?

Well...what if you bump your head.


On the same cotton pickin' corner of the table while trying to clean up the stupid, God forsaken, running in a rivulet, spilled milk?


What about then?

'Cuz I might've cried.


  1. Awww its been one of those days, huh?

  2. But more importantly did you say - "It's OK, it was an ACCIDENT" even though inside your head you were screaming?

  3. I am cracking up that you stopped and took a picture right in the middle of everything! Ha!

    And I definitely do things like bump my head when I bend over to clean up stuff.

    You always bring humor to each situation...and I like that about you!

    Hubby and I are on a little trip. Our condo is right by Table Rock Lake and there are lots of pretty trees outside the window. It's restful and beautiful!

    God is so good! And his handiwork is Marvelous!

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  4. I'd have cried too Mama. Hugs. Spilled milk sucks.

  5. Looks like my kitchen almost daily! Of course, now I'll be checking to make sure it's not running in little rivers anywhere, but I'm pretty sure it stays in one spot ;)

  6. Whoever said no need to cry over spilled milk, must've never had to clean any up. ;p

  7. I hate bumping my head when I am already frustrated by whatever I am doing...it always seems to hurt more...and make me swear...which makes my kids laugh because I don't very often...which doesn't help the frustration...a vicious cycle!

  8. the spill would have been enough to make me cry!

  9. Oh man! THere are some days that if one more kiddo spills all over...i just might lose it! Most of the time, I bite my tongue and help my dude clean the mess. But somedays- urgh!!!!


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