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Mt. Vomitus

Last night I was in bed at 9:30, exhausted, figured it was from taking care of a pair of twins who were a bit under the weather.

Then 10:30 hit...and the sweet little girl laying beside me woke me with some of the most violent vomiting I've ever witnessed. Poor thing.

And, if anyone knows my Baby Girl, they'll know that she likes things to go HER way...and barfing is NOT something that is "her way". We got her in the tub, cleaned up our bed, tossed her hair in a pony and sat down to catch more puke.

The Mr. left for his weekly adoration time at church, and he had been gone for about 3 minutes when I heard a mysterious coughing coming from a different room. I opened the door to our boys' room and was hit, smack in the face, with the overwhelming odor of vomit. And, there was Hambone, laying in his own gastric contents, barely awake.

At this point, Baby Girl is crying, I'm not sure if she has to throw up more, my 5 year old is lying in his puke, and my husband is gone. So, I made a desperate SOS call to him, "I NEED YOU!!!!" and, being the fabulous husband and father that he is, he made a couple phone calls and came right home.

We spent most of the next few hours watching our kids take turns with their vomitus. It was almost like they were echoing each a round, except instead of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat", it was barf.

At one point, my babe (who all of you know by now is a "her way or the highway" kind of girl) decided that this puking bit was for the birds...she, while starting round 867, started shaking her head and pushing the bucket if she could just will that vomit away.

It didn't work. For once, we've found something that is more stubborn that our babe...and that would be her stomach.

Then, my friend came to pick up her kids after work, and the Belle (who has a very "suggestive" tummy) thought she was going to start, after some thought, I sent the Mr. to bed with the two pukers, whom I was certain had to be done...they had nothing left to give!! And I settled in with the Belle in our bed, steeling myself to the fact that it was going to be a long night.

Turns out, I got the better end of the deal. The two littles kept up their vomiting all. night. long.

Now, I'm feeling guilty...'cuz I'm the one who gets to take a nap with my kids, while my amazing husband is at work on little to no sleep.

Know what else I'm feeling, tho?



My tumbly is rumbly.

I'm afraid I'm next. :(


  1. Noooo! Stomach flu is the worst! I feel for you and your family. I hope no one else catches it and the little ones get well soon.

  2. Y.U.C.K. I feel bad for you guys. That rotovirus is so nasty! We've had our fair share over the years. I hate puking. Hate it hate it hate it! I always cry afterward. I hate it. Stay strong, mama!

  3. Ewwwwww. Nothing worse. :( Hope it is a false alarm for you and that the kiddies are all better now, too.

  4. Oh man. It is the WORST when it's everyone all at once! Or, maybe it's better to just get it all over with? Here's to hoping you don't get pukey! And hoping all the littles are feeling much better!

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  6. Those are the moments when I want my mommy!! I hope everyone gets better. And kudos to your Mr.

  7. Aww....I'm sorry you all are sick! I hope you don't get a bad case of it also-and hope your children are thru the worst of it.
    Rest the best you can(with sick little ones), and hope you all are well very soon!

  8. STAY AWAY, I will clean up anything including blood but that is one thing I can not handle. I am feeling for you and hoping it is over and you got some nap

  9. STAY AWAY, I will clean up anything including blood but that is one thing I can not handle. I am feeling for you and hoping it is over and you got some nap

  10. Oh no!! I hope you're all feeling better super soon!!

  11. i Feel your pain, my 4 and 2 yr old had this bug last week and over the weekend shared it with my 8 month old and myself.. thankfully we are all over ours now. we will be praying for y'all.

  12. Oh GAWD I threw up reading this. I'm so so so sorry (and so so so glad you live WAY far away... ;o) )

    I hope you ALL feel better soon! Boo!

  13. Oh boy. Hope you're not too bad off. We just finished that same kind of thing here, and I'll pray you don't get round two. Round two is diarrhea that lasts for a week. Fun.

  14. Oh no! My huaband and I just started this Monday night! The bad part is, he travels and was just pulling into his hotel. Our daughter had viral meningitis 2 wks ago and is so susceptable. I am praying she doesn't get this and that our son doesn't either! Atleast my parents live close, and you bet I call them Monday night crying for my Mommy!
    In the past month we've had a concussion, a possible stroke, meningitis, this stomach bug x2, bee sting today...another concussion and puncture wound to the back of the head....needless to say, I AM ONE TIRED MAMA! Hope everyone gets better soon! :(

  15. Yeuch!! I feel your pain! There's nothing worse than having your kids throw up (especially at bedtime!) You just can't shift that reek of puke either, eh?!

    Poor wee things. And poor you! Hope you are all feeling much better today!



  16. We had a small bout of this over the weekend, but thankfully, it hasn't spread. Did I read correctly that you have twins? I'm curious b/c I am pregnant with twin boys, and I have three older children. Just curious about your experience!


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