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A Quick Story...

Another story, in which I will impress you with my abilities to handle conflict. (Thanks mom.)

Let me set the scene:

It was a stormy, stormy day. And, when I say "stormy", I mean "blizzardy" (if that's a word). And, if you've never lived through a MinneSOOOOOta blizzard, you can't possibly begin to imagine what kind of weather I'm talking about.

Unless you're from Canada.

Or the North Pole.

Then, maybe, you can imagine.

Okay...scene set. Stormy weather...don't forget it.

So stormy, in fact, that earlier in the day, as we were attempting to make it into town for life sustaining supplies, it was treacherous. We almost didn't make it. But we did...and now I have this story to tell you.

Lucky you, us surviving, huh?

Anyway, I was scheduled to hubby's employee had planned his bachelor party for the very same night.

After our near death experience driving into town (okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration), my husband and I discussed the safety of me driving the 45 minutes to work, and decided that it would be best if I didn't attempt it.

I called work, and let them know, that due to the weather conditions, I wouldn't be able to make it. I then envisioned an incredibly cozy night, stormed in with my family, sipping hot cider by the fireplace and singing Christmas carols.

Nevermind that Christmas was over.

A few hours pass, and I hear my husband talking on the phone to someone, doing something that sounds an awful lot like "making plans". I soon learn that he has, indeed, committed to going to the bachelor party.

I discourage him, I rationalize with him, I point out that he suggested I call in to work because of the weather and now he was GOING TO GO GET DRUNK IN IT?!?!

Off he went. Into the white and drifting snow...and home I sat, worrying. He told me he'd be home around 9:30.

Or maybe it was 11:30. Either way, he didn't make it home at that time.

I had long been sleeping, when something in my subconscious roused me from my deep slumber and suggested I take a look at the clock.

It was 4 o' freakin' clock in the morning, and guess where my husband was?!

You don't know?

Oh, yeah...I didn't either. I immediately pictured him dead in a ditch somewhere...and I began to worry.

To panic.

To fret.

I called his cell phone, and by this time, my attitude had changed from "Oh, no!! What if he's dead in a ditch somewhere?!" to "It is 4 O' FREAKIN' CLOCK in the morning and he's not home? He'd BETTER be dead in a ditch somewhere, 'cuz any other excuse isn't good enough."

He answered his cell phone, "I'm almost home."

Like the girl I am, I fought back tears (anger? joy? relief?) and went back to bed.


When we woke up, he tried explaining that he was just having so much fun, that he just kept on riding the bus from bar to bar.

Remember how well I handled this conflict?

Yeah, that was nothin'.

I didn't speak to him for a week...a FULL week after the "Stormy Night Bachelor Party" incident.

Once I did start talking to him...and believe me, it must've been forced upon me (and, btw...when I say "not talking to", I mean "not talking to, not looking at, not acknowledging the presence of"...) for me to start talking to him...but, I learned that my husband, he who I was so angry at, stayed on the bus with a few other guys, while the rest of the party went into a strip joint.

And then I started laughing.

Laughing at how ridiculous I was acting, laughing that I was sooooooo angry at my husband and then learning that he remained on the bus with a bunch of guys he rarely gets to talk to rather than going into a trashy strip club to see half naked women dance on a stage, laughing because I need to learn how to communicate better.

So, I hugged him. He apologized, I was good.

Don't you think I should be a marriage counselor or something? You know, seeing as I handle conflict and communicate so wonderfully?

I think I see a new career...*snort*

(And, yes...I realize I titled this "A Quick Story" and that by now, your butt has most certainly gone numb from sitting and reading this novel of a post. Oops.)


  1. Good choice hubby!!!

    I've lived through Wisconsin blizzards - does that count? :P

  2. You are great! A whole week..I'm impresed! What a good husband who styed on the bus to hang with the guys!!

  3. you handles it so much better than I would have. Naked women or no naked women, he wasn't home on time or even round on time and I would have had to go to bed alone. OH no no no no! It would have been War of the Roses in our house.
    Go you for taking it so well. and Not talking for a week. I can go maybe a few hours.

    Nikki Darlin'

  4. Good choice for him!

    Oh, M., I LOVE your conflict stories! More, please!

  5. Wow...a whole week! My record is two days. You can out-stubborn me, Mama M!!! :-)

  6. I too have lived through Wisconsin blizzards, so I hear ya. And DANG girl! I wouldn't have spoken to my man for a month...ok, that's a lie. But I would have INTENDED to not speak to him for a month (but lucky for him, for some unknown reason I can't hold a grudge...with him.) Lucky him indeed! :)

  7. I could never go a whole week with out talking to him. But that is because I like to talk...a lot. I live in Buffalo the home of Lake Effect Snow. Does that count?

  8. I definitely want to read more soon. BTW, rather nice design your blog has, but how about changing it every few months?

  9. Oh my gosh, I swear this exact same thing happened to me and my husband! Right down to the going from panic to thinking 'well he better be dead then!' Seriously why do they do that to us, it's not cool. It usually ends up being me who is like, duh that poor man works so hard and then comes home and helps me he totally deserve to go out and have fun with his buddies! (I'm talking a night, just one, not ALL of November for hunting. Ugh, not looking forward to that!)

  10. Ahem....I don't want to become an enemy of one of the cutest story-telling bloggers I've recently found, but.....could it be that your baby-the one that is a force to be reckoned with-maybe takes after her mama a little bit? Or is she teaching you to be a force to be reckoned with too, so you two are a team? =)
    I'm not proud to say, but have to admit, I used to be THE SAME WAY?!!! You described me oh, so well!
    Glad all turned out well, and learning the rest of his story was a relief to you-(not going to the strip joint). =)

  11. I'm going to guess that he made a good choice, or you may have gone a lot longer than a week with out talking to him.
    I have to admit though that I am the same exact way. When I get mad at hubby, I either yell at the top of my longs to make sure that all of this country knows I am mad, or I ignore him like he's never been a part of my life.

  12. Your husband is adorable...that is so funny:)

  13. Oh go give that man of yours another hug and kiss. A long hug,a Long Kiss and tell him Thank you for staying on that bus. I am proud of him and was so Happy to hear the end of the story turned out that way for you. It takes a man a true man to stay on that bus when he knew thats where you would of wanted him to be. I don't know why he didnt tell you sooner then the week though. We can never figure a mans mind out though. LOL
    Tell him I give him a thumbs up, Way up... Kath'

  14. I am TERRIBLE with conflict too! As a result, all of my relationships typically end around the same time as the first fight.

    Hmmmm.... I should probably work on that, huh?!? :)

    That's a great man you have their lady... does he have any brothers?

  15. And how about we make that "their" into "their"?

    It's clearly time for me to go to bed...

  16. Um, yeah, hubby went out to the bar wtih a friend one night and didn't come home till 5:00 am! The bars (at the time) closed at 1:00 am. I tried calling his cell, his friend's cell, and his friend's house every half-hour and NO answer! I was FURIOUS to say the least! They were at the all night pool hall, his phone died and they couldn't hear his friend's phone. It took me a few days before I would speak to him too.

  17. I just wanted to share something with you that I wrote a while ago-I thought of you and this, and think you will like it! It's my marriage tips, but number 7 is what I want you to read, if you don't read the entire post. I really think you will like it!

  18. You crack me up. This reminds me a lot of my, "Your-best-friend's-Birthday-Party-is-St.-Patrick's Day-and-you're-going-bar-hopping?" story :) In fact, you may be retelling my story but changing the names...and the state, and the season...:)


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