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Three's a Crowd!

Hi friends!! I hope you're all enjoying the Valentine's Day Extravaganza as much as I am!


It's been so much fun to read the stories (I'm trying my hardest to read them all...) and get to know you a little bit better!

Today's theme is: Romantic Screw-ups (as suggested by Mr. Wonderful!)

This one kinda tripped me up...

I mean, I've already told you about the Chocolate Covered Strawberry fiasco.

I had to think and ponder and dig deep. Deep into the recesses of my sub-conscious that likes to block out unhappy memories.

Would that be my Id? Or my Ego?

I dunno...and actually, this memory isn't unhappy at all...and I really didn't hafta dig too deep (I hate makes my nails all grimy).

Yeah...truth be told...this one stands out in my mind, and I can now appreciate a good laugh at this romantic date turned...well...not so romantic!

Mr. Wonderful and I were dating. Deep in the throes of love.

It was Christmas, and if you knew'd know that I eat, live, and breathe Christmas...I mean, heck, here we are not even two months out of Christmas, and I miss it.

For real.

But anywho...I had this idea.

A wonderful, fabulous, incredibly romantic idea.

I suggested that we take (and by take I mean borrow...not steal) the Mr.'s and his dad's horses up to his dad's recreation land and go horseback riding and cut down a Christmas tree and drink hot cocoa and sing carols by the fire and make googly eyes at each other and hopefully the Mr. would propose.

Let me set the stage further, by telling you I am very allergic to horses. Like...I used to carry an Epi-pen allergic to horses. (Easy now!! I had outgrown the Epi-pen part of my allergy, and now just needed to carry around an inhaler to help open my big deal...)

And, I'm not overly comfortable around, I was totally putting myself out there for this date.

So, the date's set, the weather is perfect...the snow has fallen and created the perfect setting for romance...only...a day prior, I find out we won't be alone on our trip.

Nope. Not alone.

Turns out, my future FIL heard of this awesome horseback riding adventure, and decided he wanted to come along too! And, gosh...who can blame the guy?

It's his land and horses and Christmas tree and son! was me, my handsome hottie of a future hubby, and my FIL.

Ahhhhhh...the romance.

But, was a great time! I was scared outta my mind for 99% of the day...but wouldn't let on to anyone that I was anything but one cool chick. horse tried to buck me off. Then...the trails were icy and the horses kept slipping and losing their footing a bit. And if that weren't enough, when I...ah...when I...(psssst...whaddya call it when you get off a horse? Disembark? Dismantle? Dis...?)...when I jumped of my horse, the horse casually stepped back onto my foot.

And I stood there.

And I looked at the horse, looked at my foot, looked at the Mr. who was busy chatting away with his dad...looked back at the horse...down to my foot..." foot?"

Honest to Pete...I've never seen anyone move so quick!

My FIL came right over and saved my foot from a certain crushing death had that horse shifted it's weight. (Okay...maybe that's dramatic, but I'm sure it would've hurt!)

We got our tree...skipped the carols and googly eyes...and went to Mr. Wonderful's home and decorated it!

Still, to this day...we talk about our romantic date...for THREE!

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  1. Ahhh ... horses. My DH and I had a bad experience with the same horse at the camp we met at and haven't been on one since. You're brave - to be allergic AND afraid and yet you still did it. So funny!

  2. M! I'm having so much fun reliving your romantic journey with Mr. Wonderful via your blog! Sorry i haven't participated or even commented much--been sick and then busy and then mostly sick. However, I hope to get back into the bloggy world soon.
    Looks like the Valentine's Day extravaganza is going great!
    love you!
    Bestie Tara

  3. LOL, I believe dismount was the word you were looking for. :)

    Quite romantic. :)

  4. AWWW so romantic, oh wait maybe notsomuch.
    I'm so glad your foot wasn't crushed...yikes!!

  5. Ha ha ha, too funny! That reminds me of when my DH and I were dating and he invited me to his parent's cabin. I thought we were going alone until the night before we left, he casually mentioned that his parents would meet us up there!!! Tiny cabin + in laws = very unromantic weekend!

    BTW, thanks for your kind comment on my blog today. You too, my dear, are a very good writer! You seriously crack me up! I can just picture you talking fast and funny, just like you write! :-)

  6. I am scared to death of horses, so I can not even imagine how bad this day was! hahahaha A good story to laugh at now though.

    I am making your carrot gravy tomorrow. I'll let you know how it turns out! :)

  7. That's a lovely story. I'm really glad you didn't get your foot crushed!

  8. Hahaha. Oh Mama M. this story is so great! hehehe. Have you ever told your FIL about your original plans for that trip? I think I would have to lean into him a little for not seeing it in the first place.

  9. That's a great memory! Horses can sense fear in humans, ya know. :)

  10. I love horses, I think they are such beautiful beings, but getting on one, now that is scary. We went horse back riding, and the entire time I was holding my breath. My son was on the horse w/ me and he kept saying "breathe mama, breathe" I just couldn't.

  11. man you've had an adventurous life.
    I love it, I'm enjoying this Valentine's extravaganza more than I thought I would..a big thanks. kare

  12. I've so wanted to join in this week- you had a fabulous idea with the Valentine blog hops! My kids have been sick and I just finally sat down to blog late last night, so I missed most of the fun:( Whatever you have planned for today though, bring it on;) Happy Valentine's Week:) All of your stories are great! Thank you for sharing:)

  13. Love you stories! Thank goodness your toes made it unscathed from the horse's big clog-hoppers!

    Whew!!! I am so pooped! I love, love, love this valentine's blog hop idea of yours!!!! I know that you have lots and lots that have joined in...And I am so glad that we can come back and catchup on blog reading those on these lists.

    Yesterday, was my hubby and my 28th anniversary, so will be deliberately away from my computer this weekend... Liek I said, I know that you are busy at your place, but would love it if you get a chance to take a peek at my "mess-up" post ;o) Tell your hubby- this was a fun suggestion :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!


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