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You've gotta watch yerself 'round these parts...

All this warming, freezing, warming,'s made our home hazardous...

I've taken to sending the kids out with helmets, safety goggles and bubble wrap...

Wouldn't want to risk an injury...

'Course...I guess I could just knock these bad boys down?!

(Yo! Spring!! Where are you?!!!!!)


  1. We live in Minnesota too and I let one grow until it almost touched the ground. I just couldn't knock it down!:) Spring must be on the way, I saw some birds today!

  2. Our icicles are almost a distant memory. Okay, maybe not DISTANT. The sun has been shining brightly the past 2 days and today we are above freezing! 38 glorious warm sunny degrees! You almost don't need to wear a coat. :) Almost.

  3. If I had ice hanging from my house like that I would It is sunny breezy and about 62 here today just the way I like it...well not quite warm enough but close

  4. We had 2 or 3 nice days and now today we are having freezing rain and snow is on the way.

    But spring is near so I am trying to hold on to that thought.

    Icicles are pretty...but I can see how they could be dangerous! (:>)

    Hasppy Saturday!

  5. We get some pretty big ones on our house to. But it warmed above 0 today and things started melting! Not normal for us this time of year...

  6. Wow! Those things look sharp!

    I'm following you from Friday Follow!

  7. We have one outside on my back deck, that is about 3 inches thick and 5 feet long!! Kinda scary!! LOL!

    Visiting from Friday Follow! I'm your newest follower! Love for you to come visit me!

    Have a great weekend :)
    ~Shelley @ Shelley's Swag

  8. I've got some scary ones hanging off my roof and garage too! I was just wondering the other day if they could pierce my car if they fell on it!

  9. LOL Yo Spring!! That cracks me up. My kids are fascinated with icicles, so I had better NOT knock them down!! ;)

    Be blessed-

  10. I think they look super cool. Might wanna knock them down for safety reasons though :)

    I'm probably the only one that likes winter. I love snow. I think in a few weeks though I'll finally be saying "come on spring" too. By then, cabin fever will be hitting me and crazy things happen during that time, like I make stupid videos with my kids toys and stuff...because I'm crazy. (I posted my duck movie on my blog a month or so ago, which I made last winter lol).

  11. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! I love yours too and am officially your newest follower. I'll do my best not to stalk you with L&D'll soon find out I am a chronic worrier!

  12. Do you not watch Greys Anatomy!? Christina was impaled by one of these bad boys.

  13. That's so funny! Our icicles finally melted. Our front porch was practically encased in ice! I am so ready for spring!


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