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My Firstborn...


Fourteen years old.

I can hardly believe it!

On this very day, 14 short years ago, I looked into those tiny little eyes...and I made a vow.

A vow to provide you with the best life I possibly could. A vow to do my very, very best to raise you to be a fine, wonderful man.

And you are almost there!

Oh, you have the wonderful part down's just hard for me to realize that you are, indeed, becoming a man!

Right before my very eyes!

I am so proud of are a fabulous person, a wonderful son, a terrific brother (well, I think so...your siblings might disagree sometimes!), and a kind and thoughtful human being.

I love that you don't mind hanging out with us...and that you love babies!

I am so grateful for you...for YOU who first made me a mother!

(Aw...look! One candle left for Betty Braunschweger!)

I love you more that I can ever light up my life with your humor, your thoughts...I'm amazed.

It's hard for me to believe, but in 4 years...4 very short will be "leaving". But I hope and I pray, that you will never go too far.

That even if geographically we are far apart (but please, oh please, oh please don't move far away!!!), that we will remain close at heart.

I love you Big A. I am incredibly proud of you.

And I am honored to call you mine.


  1. Happy birthday to your son! He is a very attractive young man :) You did a great job!

  2. *sniff* *sniff*

    What a beautiful post about your son! I hope he has a wonderful birthday full of great memories!

  3. Oh, what a handsome boy! Happy birthday to him.

  4. Happy Birthday to you big fella ..

  5. I can't even imagine. My son will be turning 4 and I get all choked up looking at him and thinking about his future self.

    Happy Birthday to your son and Congrats to you Mommy...sounds like you have a totally awesome almost-man to be proud proud of yourself too!

  6. Happy B-day Big A! They grow so freakin' fast don't they??!!!

  7. That is so sweet! Happy birthday Big A!

  8. awww! this post gave me goosebumps! he's so adorably cute (if you can say that about a 14 year old boy)!

  9. Happy Birthday to your son! Mine just turned 13 back in Nov. I still can't believe I have a teenager! They grow up so fast!

  10. Our oldest sons share a birthday! Mine turned 13 today!

    Happy Birthday Big A!!! I hope you have a wonderful day :o)

  11. Aww...what a beautiful post! Happy Birthday Big A!!

  12. Handsome young man. Time goes by so quickly for mothers. My children did not move far away from me, because they said I would just follow them so why waste the money moving. They are characters. Happy Bday to you son.

  13. Looks like you've done a great job raising your son!! I like your new layout, BTW:)

  14. Oh, what a sweet post to your big boy! Wow, how does time fly, huh?

  15. He is a handsome young man.

    My kids didn't leave home at 18, they just went away to college and cost us more than ever! LOL That out of state tuition . . .
    But it's all worth every penny.

  16. Happy B-day to your "little" boy!!

  17. Happy Birthday, big guy!
    Hi Mama M. Miss you!

  18. sniff..sniff..

    I can see it coming too soon for me too.


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