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Gotta Love 'em!

So, this weekend I had to work.

Which means a lot of time away from my home, children, husband, washing machine.

Which means I woke up today to a pile of laundry like I've never seen before. It was surreal.

It stopped me in my tracks and took my breath away...and was totally a laugh or cry moment.

I chose to's so much better when you can laugh!

But, lemme tell you about the conversation I had with Mr. Wonderful:

Me, "Gosh, ah...hon. You coulda thrown in a load of laundry while I was working!"

He beams at me, full of pride, "But, I did!!"

Warming inside at the kindness and thoughtfulness of my hubby, and grateful for finding such an awesome dude, I carried on with getting kiddos off to school...and then snuggling back into bed to wait for the littles to wake.

After our morning was really goin' strong, I decided to tackle the laundry...I went to empty the dryer...and what did I find?


And in the washer?

The Mr.'s Carharts.

Ahem...thanks hon...but, not quite the help I was referring to this morning!!

93 loads of later, I can sort of, maybe, possibly, kinda tell I'm perhaps beginning to make a dent in the laundry!

And, I just hafta smile...


  1. I had to introduce my Mr. to the washer the other day. I'm not sure, but I think they hit it off. :D Next, intro. the grocery store. LOL

  2. Oh, your story made me laugh! What a dear husband, proud of himself for helping you.

    Mothering five? Having four (and all sons) has been quite a challenge -- but an enormous blessing.

    Come on over to for some mom inspiration and encouragement!

  3. Sounds like something my hubby would do. Trying to help....

  4. Too funny! I have those moments all the time, where the dirty laundry has started to spill our of our hamper, onto the floor of our bedroom, out into the hallway ... and there's just two of us right now. :)

  5. Sounds like my house! It feels like I have 8 trillion loads of laundry left after doing it all day! I can't stand this never ending chore!!!

  6. My hubby likes to brag about how he does laundry.

    Which means he starts a load and then forgets about it.

  7. It is so sweet that he tried!!!

  8. It is sweet how the guy try to help and you just got to appreciate it even if it's not exactly what we would consider especially "helpful" - at least their heart is in the right place! Which reminds, I once again can not see the floor of my laundry room, best get to work!

  9. Aw, we all have those moments! {grin}

  10. Ugh. Laundry. My never ending battle. I hate even writing about it. Feeling your pain girl! :)

  11. Too funny! Unfortunately, you just reminded me that I have to wash all the sheets and towels in the house tomorrow- ugh!!

  12. my husband thinks we should just let our kids wear towels. That way, no clothes. I reminded him we'd still have to wash the towels and they tended to create very large loads. There is just no getting around laundry!

  13. i wish i could get my husband to do laundry. even if it was just his coats

  14. Too funny. Between work and blogging, I'm afraid my husband is doing way more than his share of the laundry. Fortunately he's good at it.
    I just wanted to let you know the story about Matt and Melissa is airing Wednesday. Thanks for the tip. It's really a heart warming story. What a great family. The family in Windom that rescued them was awesome, too.

  15. Oh gee sounds like my fella...he is such a goof when it comes to laundry

  16. how embarrassing! I have been hanging out daily reading, giggling, laughing, enjoying, making comments ... which I was about to do ... and I noticed it ... I have not stopped to follow with google connect! and you are the blog I visit the most ... =)! yep... natural born blond! =)
    Thanks for hosting the fun MckLinky things that you do! I am connecting with some amazing bloggy friends! I'll be back ... as a 'real' follower now! (hee hee) Just Jenn ~

  17. Oh my husband does that too! He puts his carharts in and if he remembers then he will try the rest of the laundry out.

  18. It must be a guy thing. My hubby did the same thing this weekend. I didn't have to work but I wasn't feel as good as I would've liked. So he was all 'yeah...I'll help out.' He washed a pair of shoes. LOL So now, 2 days into playing catch up & I only have 5 loads left to do. (And I would really love to know how we went through that much in 2 days)


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