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The Day I had my Birthday Stolen

Two years ago last night, I went to bed with a swollen belly, mild contractions, and an eager anticipation for my birthday the next day.

By morning, my belly was a flabby mess, my breath was atrocious (what is it about labor that makes a woman's breath smell like death?!), my armpits stunk like a heavyweight boxer's, and I was marveling in the delight of my brand new baby daughter.

The little thief.

She just up and stole my birthday right out from under me!

Yup. It's true...33 years ago today, my very own mama sat in a hospital bed, snuggling her very own (gorgeous) newborn (adorable) baby (precious) girl.

Ahem...that was moi...the gorgeously adorable precious newborn baby girl.

Fast forward 31 years, and I had switched spots with my mom.

I was holding my very own gorgeously adorable precious newborn baby girl, THIEF!

And I knew, from that day forward that my birthday would never be mine anymore (the little scoundrel)...and, I'm totally okay with it (conniving little hooligan...).

Anywhoodles...onto the Birthday Stories that I promised (and here's where I insert random photos, for visual appeal...)!

Okay, here's the scoop...I know that this whole "Birth Story Link Up" has been done before...but I love birth stories. All of 'em. The long ones, the short ones, the "I didn't know I was pregnant" ones (I especially love those) I am allllll over this!

Don't worry...I'm not gonna torture you with all 5 of my birth stories...uh uh! Today, I'm gonna tell you the birth story of the charlatan birthday stealer my sweet Baby Girl!

Like I mentioned, I went to bed with contractions, mildish...every 15 minutes or so...enough to keep me awake.

But nothing new. Nope...I'd been doing some contracting for weeks...even "calling in the troops" one night and heading to the hospital...only to be sent home (yes, it happens to even we "seasoned" vets...)

I was soooooo eager to have her...just not on my birthday. I had been taken off work a week or so earlier because of highish blood pressures (I shoulda known then that she was gonna be a little stinker...none of my other kids gave me pregnancy problems!!), and I was dying at the thought of sitting home, using my "maternity leave" when I didn't even have a baby with me!

Carrying on...

So, laying in bed, contracting, watching a movie of some sort...decided to get up and "do something" to see if the contractions would stop.

Laundry, packed a bag...unpacked a bag...folded clothes, more laundry...
Contractions not stopping...not really getting terribly worse, but not going away. So, the troops were called back in.

Headed off to the hospital with the Mr., got checked in, changed...they checked me and I was "5-6"...phew! Ticket to stay...

Group B Strep positive, so I had to have some antibiotics before I could have my water "broken"...we walked the halls while I was getting my antibiotics...when they were in...I became the world's biggest pest...

"When can the Dr. break my water? Where's the doctor? I need to have my water broken!"

You see, by baby #5, I know my body. I contract, I get my water broken, and I have a baby. FAST!

Like, we're talkin', 30 minutes, fast.

Freaky fast...not unlike Jimmy John's.

Well...dear sweet (evil) Dr., decides she wants some labs drawn on me...since "this is my 5th baby" (WTH!!! I have at least one more baby to go before those labs are required!). Lab takes FOREVER and day to come up...and meanwhile...

My contractions stop.

And, they don't want me out of bed much 'cuz my blood pressure is up bit (well, helllloooo!! You've got me all worked up!) personal doc was home with, I was stuck with the on-call doc...who was leaving for Hawaii in a couple hours...who had had a busy night...who I was convinced didn't want to do another delivery.

So, long story finally comes to break my water...and dang, she's up there for a long time.

By this point, I'm "a good 6", with nary a contraction in sight...the doctor breaks my water, then tells my nurse how high my baby was, and says to me, "You know, if you weren't 'one of us', I'd've made them pit you down first." (i.e give me pitocin to bring the baby down further...)

I coulda kicked her. Only, I was so paranoid that my baby's cord was gonna prolapse, that I was giving myself "fundal pressure" to keep the baby's head applied to my cervix., RAWR!! (Thanks Megan, for that saying!!)

Anywho, things kicked in fast. Strong contractions...but manageable.

Got up to go potty...and started puking.

Uh oh.

BIG uh oh...when I puke, that means babe isn't far behind.

Another thing about having 5 get to know your "signs".

And puke is one of mine.

I open the door, as I'm vomiting in the garbage and feeling baby descend. At this point I'm slightly afraid that I'm going to deliver my baby standing up, while in the bathroom.

I gave my nurse the "deer in headlights" look...Mr. Wonderful recognized it too...and I've never seen two people move so quickly.

"Let's get you back to bed!" exclaimed my nurse...while my awesome hubby helped guide me, my big belly, and my IV pole back to the bed.

My nurse calls out to find out where the doctor was (by this time, a different doctor had come in early to cover so the other doctor could go catch her plane...phew!), finds out the doctor is just across the hall, and that I'm about 9-9.5 cm dilated.

Next contraction, and holy mother of Jesus get the doctor in here NOW!! I look at my nurse and start nodding, and doing the uncontrollable bearing down that comes with birthing a baby.

So, my nurse...she pulled the emergency light.

And all of the nurses...all of my fellow co-workers...come rushing in, along with the doctor.

A push or two later, and I hear the doctor exclaim..."You have a beautiful baby girl!".

And I was shocked. Purely, completely, utterly shocked.

I had convinced myself that we were having a gigantic baby boy, (Just a gut feeling...didn't want to find out...) and when I saw that we instead had a peanut of a baby girl, I was thrilled!!

(Aside by me...I would've also been thrilled if we had gotten that gigantic baby boy...but, I was ecstatic that Miss E. had a sister!)

So, there she was...laying on my chest...all 6 pounds 15 ounces of her...making those amazing newborn noises...trying to nurse...smelling oh, so wonderful...cementing her place in my heart.

I thank God, everyday, that he blessed me with this little birthday stealer.

I don't know what I'd do without her...

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  1. Love it! I think it's cute that you two share a birthday..

    Happy Birthday Girls!!

    Mr Wonderful kinda looks like my neighbor..

    Enjoy your day Mama!!

  2. I loved the pictures and the story!
    I'm looking forward to reading everyone's stories when I get back from work this afternoon while my little boy takes his nap. I LOVE birth stories. :)
    I didn't see- did you have an epidural?
    If you didn't- Wow. I wanted to do that. Maybe next time. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Mamma!

    Happy Birthday little hooligan!

    (you notice I gave you both your own? lol)

    I hope you have a great day! Your family is beautiful....and hubby's pretty cute, too! ;) Muah!

  4. she is a cute birthday stealer!!
    Happy Birthday to both of you!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to your little one too!

  6. and you were SO convinced it was a boy that you had NO Girl clothes to put her in so I got to run to Old Navy for a fun spur of the moment baby girl shopping spree! So fun!
    And I brought you Chipotle in the Hospital . . cuz you totally deserved it!!

    Love you!

  7. happy birthday to both of you girls!!

    Is it just me or when you read these bith story post you find your self grimacing as you feel their pain.. or pushing at the thought of

    I will write mine tonight.. I was def. one of those "sweet young mother's" that you write about ;)

  8. SOOO loving this story and the way you tell it!!!! Happy birthday to 2 beautiful ladies and thanks for the wonderful reminder of why we go through all of this!!!

  9. happy birthday to both of u. thanks for sharing your story

  10. Happy Birthday to you both how wonderful...what a great bday gift!

  11. Happy Birthday and Happy Birth-Day!

    Love your story. I am told I get that "deer in the headlights" look as well. It gets the hubs scrambling for a doctor, nurse or catcher's mitt.

    Love ya girl!

  12. Makes me want to have 2 more! :-) Happy Birthday!

  13. I can relate to your story. I had my daughter, my first, on January 2, 1979 and my daughter had her first son, on January 2, 2002.

    Happy Birthday Mama M!

    Happy Birthday Miss E!

    You'll have years of celebrations together.

  14. Happy Birthday to you both!

  15. Beautiful story! :)

    I want to join your blog hop, but I can't see the McLinky image. :( I think my work must have it blocked. I'll just put the link in here...better than nothing.

    The Imp's Birth Story

  16. And, geez, what a dork I am.


  17. aww what a cute story!
    Happy Birthday to you AND your daughter! Hope you both have a wonderful day!

  18. Wow - what a fast birth! And such a cutie!
    I had the day before my birthday snatched by my twins.

  19. what a wonderful little birthday surprise!!!!

  20. Happy Birthday to both of you :-) Hope you enjoy the day!

    Nice story - and good that you already knew your body's reactions...

  21. Happy Birthday Mama M!! Great birth story!

  22. Happy Birthday, you guys!! Fun blog hop!

  23. Sorry, I've been so busy, I didn't even know you were doing this blog hop! How fun!

    I love the "Dear in the Headlights" part. I can totally see your DH and the nurse freaking out!

    Love the pics, way adorable!

  24. What a sweet story. Happy birthday to both of you!

  25. What a fun story! Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday to you both!

  26. Haha, just laughing at myself saying "fun story" - as if you can call a birth story "fun"!

  27. Happy Birthday! I really enjoyed reading your story and looking at your pictures. So much fun!

  28. Happy Birthday to both of you!! What a great story! :)

  29. Great story!! So much fun to read, and happy belated birtday to you and your daughter:)

  30. Happy birthday! I love your blog! I won't bore you with all 4 of my birth stories, but the last one is a doozie! Had placenta previa, so of course, started bleeding a month early. Called the hospital,so they would be prepared,(Ha! that's funny now)got checked in iv's in, etc! Doc comes in to check baby position for c-section, but can't find heartbeat! Ahhh! panic ensues, I have had 3 other babies the normal way so I freak! Rolled away to OR, leaving my sweet husband with the "deer in headlights" look. I have to crawl onto the Cold, very cold operating table by myself. The doc is swearing and cussing about "hurry up',"where the hell is he?". So of course i am still freaking out! Long story short, doc pats me on the leg and tells me "I'm sorry sweetie, but this gonna hurt!" There is no anesthesiologist in sight! WTH!! I watch myself get a c-section, I listen to myself make ungodly noises, and see my little gray armadillo looking child being pulled forth from my body. He makes one little squeak and I pass out from the pain! Needless to say, I awoke 2 hours later to an almost 8 pound baby boy, and he was a month early!!! God knew to give him to me last because after a delivery like that I am NEVER having kids again. My tubes are now tied, and we keep this hush hush because my husbands family are good Catholic folk! Thank goodness we went through all that because it was wotrh every second!!!

  31. Happy Birthday!

    I love birth stories too so I must share my most recent and 4th with you. It's a slideshow done so sweetly by a photographer. Enjoy!

  32. Great story...Happy Birthday to you both. Hey if you do go for number 6, Lady, you could have that bubba at home so easy.
    I had my 4th at home (im No hippy) in a pool in our bedroom with my 3 girls and hubby and a midwife. We all sat up ate dinner and had baby Olives birthday cake together a few hrs later. x

  33. Oh, thank heavens I'm not the only one that loves birth stories! Great post topic!

  34. Happy Birthday to you both! What a wonderful post!

  35. What a great story!! Precious baby girl!

  36. GREAT story!! And Happy Birthday to both of you!!

  37. I was born on my Mom's birthday... this was a very special thing for us to share... Over the years (since I've been grown that is) it has been nice to do things... just the two of us on this special day...

  38. I was born on my Mom's birthday... this was a very special thing for us to share... Over the years (since I've been grown that is) it has been nice to do things... just the two of us on this special day...

  39. *cough*...I have to comment on the fact that my MckLinky entry is #33 and this is your 33rd birthday...just pointing that out. You know, the coincidence and all. :p

    Well, I will just be pleased by it. :) Hee.

    Hope you had a wonderful day! Happy birthday again!

  40. First, happy birthday. To both of you. Second, this was an extremely touching post.

  41. I am also a labor and delivery nurse. I love to hear the birthing stories! Happy Birthday!

  42. I love that you shared this with us!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you (and that little girl who stole your heart!)

    Hope you had a wonderful day!!

  43. AND-I have NO idea about the breath...interesting!

  44. Happy Birthday to both of you! I loved this idea - so much fun. Altho, while finally sitting down to get mine posted I sat there thinking..."I wonder what MamaM would've done if she were that nurse" LOL

  45. We never really saw it as stolen but shared and a blessing. Where she was almost 2 weeks late he was 2 weeks early.

  46. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment!
    You wondered if I was glad I got the epidural.... At the moment, yes. But when it was all over and done with, I regretted it. I was mad at myself (and still am) for not doing things the way I planned them (I'm big on planning things out). Looking back now, I think I could have handled it. And I fully intend to go natural with the rest of my children, God willing!
    The nurses put the bow in her hair. I think they do it with all the baby girls. It's really sweet!
    And I think it is awesome that you and your little girl have the same birthday! That's somethin y'all will always share no matter what! Haha

  47. What a great story! I loved it. And thanks for giving me the nudge to go back and dig up my old birth story from our last kiddo's birth. It has been so fun to read all of these!

  48. I too was robbed of my very birthday!!!! Isn't there 364 other days he could have choosen??? Yep, my first born son stole my birthday, 4/14. I love it though!

  49. As always...enjoyed reading your post! How awesome to have this down for your sweet baby girl to read back on! I love your sense of humor (I know, I know...I have said this numerous times before!)

    Blessings & Aloha!

    A double-Happy Birthday greeting to you both!

  50. GREAT POST!!

    I want to see a belly pic.

    Look at you rockin' the long hair. HAWT.

    50 are kickin' ass.

  51. I agree... I never tire of hearing of the miracle that God works in the birth process. Thanks for sharing.

  52. I agree... I never tire of hearing of the miracle that God works in the birth process. Thanks for sharing.

  53. I agree... I never tire of hearing of the miracle that God works in the birth process. Thanks for sharing.

  54. I agree... I never tire of hearing of the miracle that God works in the birth process. Thanks for sharing.

  55. She IS a little peanut!! What a wonderful story! I love those pictures of the older kids holding happy (I think) to have her here!


  56. Awwww! Loved the story!
    I'm due March 4th/6th depending on who you ask, but I've had contractions since before Thanksgiving. (My 2nd child--a son--was born at 32 weeks, so this time around I was given progesterone shots weekly, procardia 4xs/day and bedrest the last 2 months because of the contractions. Now that I'm DUE and off bedrest and meds, the stubborn child won't come out!) So here I am, reading birth stories at 2:30 AM on random strangers' blogs!
    I LOVE your story! Right now I love any story involving a successful, full-term birth experience. As a side note, my 1st child (daughter) was 6 lb. 15 ozs too! :-)
    What a wonderful miracle birth is! Can't wait!!!


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