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How We Met!

Welcome, friends! To the first installment of:


Today, is "Tell me how you met your love..and/or your bestfriend" day!

Love can be interpreted many ways...and I don't want to exclude anyone who hasn't yet found the love of their life, so if that's you...tell us about your best friend!

Bestie's are awesome...and who doesn't love their bestie?!

Anywho...I have found the love of my life...he's purty durn amazing ('cept when he does things like this), and I'm purty durn lucky he's mine!

So, here's the story (it's much better from his, I'll be including that too!):

It was my 21st birthday. I was out with some girlfriends, my big bro and my parents (and, if that sounds weird, you haven't met my parents. Which, ahem, I guess most of you haven't...).

We were at a local bar, hangin'...havin' some drinks...and I was quite impressed with myself at how "responsible" I was being on my 21st birthday.

Don't get me wrong...I did indulge...and I did celebrate...and I did have fun...but, I kept it under control (which, if you knew me back then...was somethin' to write home to mom about. Wait...that makes me sound crazy and out of control...which is totally not's just that I...well...that I didn't know how to handle my alcohol!).

The first time I saw the Mr., I was shakin' my boo-tay on the dance floor...but let me digress.

The first time he saw me, he tells the story like this..."I looked up, and saw you walking down the stairs...and the time was like slow motion..." (*collective "awwww"*)

(Picture a scene from BayWatch, when the girls all run in slo-mo in their swimsuits and big boobs while the guys ogle them...'cept...I wasn't in a swim suit, and...ah...didn't have big boobs...and no one was ogling me, but maybe the Mr.)

I think he even throws in a hair toss by me in his story, but I can't be sure.

Back to the dance floor. So, me and my girls, we're shakin' our stuff on the dance floor (and, I say "shakin'", 'cuz that's all I can do. I ain't got one drop of rhythm...not a one.), and I look up and see some guys standing on the of whom, is quite the looker.

And, another of whom is acting like a nincompoop and pointing and acting goofy so that I'll notice the hottie standing next to him.

Ah...yeah. Like it needed pointing and nincompoop acting...thanks, V., had already noticed!

I'm not sure how/what/when things transpired (hmmmmm...maybe I did have more to drink than I thought...), but the next thing I knew...I was dancing a slow dance with him.

Mr. Wonderful tells this part of the story like this, "V. was bein' all stupid and making a scene so you'd notice...but I knew once you laid your head on my shoulder (*interjection by me* 'really?! I did that?!!'), you were diggin' me."

Yup...I was.

So, last call comes around, and me, my bro and parents invite everyone (read: our group and the group containing the hottie who will come to be known as "Mr. Wonderful") back to my parent's house.

So, at my parents house, we're havin' a blast...laughing, talking (the whole group), laughing...and laughing...and my sweet Mr. (who I was, btw...totally diggin'...) thinks that I'm gonna like one of the other members of the group.

The stand-up comic...but, nope. Not my type! It was the sweet, quite, cute, and funny Mr. that had my fancy!

At the end of the night, I walk him upstairs...we're talking...he hugs me (*awwwww*) and says he'll call (certainly after the 3 day rule though, right?!)...while we're talking, hugging, exchanging numbers...his brother is outside.

Writing his name in the snow. His name, as in Mr. Wonderful's name. Writing as in peeing.

Yes...his brother wrote "Mr. Wonderful" in the snow at my parents (well, not actually Mr. Wonderful, but, you know...his real name...)...I thought that was actually quite hilarious!

And the rest, my friends, is history!

Or...well...actually...the rest is a story for another day! ;)

Looking forward to reading your stories!!

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  1. That is a funny story!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. OMG - that is such an awesome story MamaM!!

  3. I love that you also met your man at a bar! See, true love happens in the funniest places when you least expect it!:)

  4. haha! Can you come and write my story?

    Love your First Installment post!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (Also, I know that you work outside your home and are busy with your wonderful how exactly can you manage to post as often as you do? I did 3 this past week, that wiped me out!)
    I will try to keep up with this great extravaganza of yours...I hope that I can get the MckLinky to work! I havent had success in pasting the code to my html.)

  5. I love it!! :) I met my husband while drinking, too :) Well, he was. I was working!

  6. great story mama m.brings on a great big.awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  7. Very cute & sweet!!
    Ours isn't super exciting, though we were high school sweethearts :)

  8. THis was hilarious! I enjoyed every word of it!!!

    Did this take place back in St. Joe?

    Jus Wondering!

  9. Sheesh! This is so much fun. Although I should be doing a million other things....reading love stories is so much more fun! I don't know how I'm going to get anything done this week. :)

  10. Very cool :-) This is really classic and I like this way of meeting each other...

  11. So funny!! I'm taking your advice and doing this on my blog too! Thanks for giving me something to blog about...I was having writer's block.

  12. Great story! I am joining your extravaganza~!

  13. Love the story! The name in the snow is awesome! Thanks for doing this! I look forward to reading everyone's story!


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