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I Did NOT Move to Australia...

Turns day has greatly improved!

'Course...snuggling with these little guys sure helped,

Not to mention a little donut eating,

(obviously not ME eating donuts...*gag*...but the kiddos enjoyed them!)

I have cancelled my flight to Australia...I won't be moving there, 'cuz afterall...

They have bad days in Australia, too!


In other news...

Tomorrow is Friday!!! (Wow...big news, huh?!)

And, I've been contemplating something...would you 5QF'ers like it if I posted the questions on Thursday nights?

Would that make it more fun for the linking up part of it?

Or, should we just keep it as is?

And, speaking of 5QF...feel free to offer up your questions over here!


  1. Happy to hear your day got better:-)

  2. Glad the day got better I would love to see 5QF be all power ball style with 4 ahead of time and boom one surprise on friday how much fun because it is nice to e able to think about some of it but it is nice to have the element of suprise to keep you one your blogging toes...cute babies btw and man thanks for the donut pic now i am hungry

  3. Ohhh I like the idea that Adrienne has about posting four questions but having the 5th one be a surprise... this would still make people have to link up on Fridays but I like that.

  4. I would LOVE if you posted the questions on Thursday nights! I try to blog at night and then schedule my posts for the next day... answering questions while my DS is eating the rugs and trash is kinda hard ya know? :o)

  5. glad to hear your day got better! it is amazing what two babies can do for ya :)

    ugh, bummer abour giving up chocolate for Lent, i decided not to go that route this year and did something else :)

    Some of us have to get up at like 5am and by 9 we're totally consumed in children to participate! lol

  7. PLEASE post them on thursday, i like to do it before bed or early in the morning

  8. Thursday Night Please.. I'd be more willing to participate cause I can't find the time on Friday.

  9. No donuts? I actually love them!

    Glad you're not moving to Australia...

  10. Thursday night would be great! I kinda like the powerball style too though...

  11. i would love a thursday preview. wish i had a donut today.

  12. Thursday Thursday Thursday. Pretty please?

  13. donut gag? what? I don't think we can be friends.

    :) jk

  14. I don't know about the bad days in Australia! I've been there, and I've got to admit - it's pretty fab! Still, with cuddle-bugs like that, you probably shouldn't run away. Maybe just a vacation! :)

  15. I am your newest Follower! I found your blog through Friday Follow! Feel free to come by my blog, and add me too!


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