Sunday, February 28, 2010

Date of the Week, and other stuff!

Hola, friends! Our new date of the week is up!!

Check out my far right sidebar and the "Personals" page to see who it is! Stop by and give her a little "First Date Love", when you have time!

On my "Personals" page, you'll find info on how to get listed, if you'd like...there's a great list over there!


I've been a workin' mama this always stinks to "go" to work, but once I'm there, it's a know?

(This is what happens when you let a co-worker "see your phone"...they take weird photos of you.)

Heard a hilariously hilarious story this weekend that I'll hafta share sometime. Seriously, pee in your pants funny!!! Or, maybe just to nurses, but anyway...I've gotta share's just too good not to!


To those who observe you allow yourselves a "free pass" on Sunday's? I've started a discussion in my community on it!


And one last thing...

GO USA!!!!!!!


  1. OMG, we're currently in sudden death overtime. This game is insane!! GO USA!!!

  2. I can't wait to hear your story!

    Regarding Lent, no, I don't do the free pass on Sunday thing. I only heard about this a couple years ago from a co-worker. However, that girl is crazy, so I didn't know if the free pass thing was actually legit!

  3. :( USA lost huh. :(

    Love those jazzy blue threads!


  4. Lookin' super cute sporting the scrubs.

  5. woohoo I'm 'date of the week!' I had a friend make a button, finally :) Snag it if you wish Mama M.

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