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"First Date" and other stuff!!

Have you checked out the "First Date" from my Personals page? Check out my far right side bar or here for the deets!!


It has been one heckuva fantastic weekend!

After MUCH debating and agonizing over the decision, I decided not to meet some awesome blog friends out for Girl's Night Out...I was majorly craving some family time, and I cashed in BIG time!

On the family time, that is...I'm hoping the girls don't ban me from future GNO's 'cuz I was such a party pooper this time!! (Please?!!!)

Friday night, we played "Apples to Apples"...have you ever played this game? It's a fave around here!

Miss E. won, Big A. cheated...and I cried.

'Cuz I'm a sore loser like that. ;)

Yesterday, we celebrated Big A.'s birthday (yes,'s how we roll around here!!) with some awesome beef stew and cake (that, ah...ahem...I couldn't put candles, he blew out a lighter. Lame. I know...), and today, we had brunch with the in-laws!

It was so nice to get my fill of family!

Now, as we head into the work week, my heart is full, my mind is relaxed...and, my house is trashed.


I've got laundry comin' out of the wazoo.

Looks like I know what I'll be doin' tomorrow (wishing we lived in a nudist colony with no possessions...).

Anyone wanna come help?


  1. Nope, sorry, I have enough of my trashy house ;)

  2. Ha ha ha, trashed house here too! Glad you had some quality family time....sort of ;-)

  3. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. I'll help you with your trashed house if you help me with mine. Seems like I clean and 10 minutes later it's a mess again. Frustrating!

  4. I have a gigantor mess going on over here. It will take me the rest of my natural life to get things back in order.

  5. Oh uhm good luck then. Sending some motivation over to you!

    Love this Personals thingy. I already grabbed the button ;-) Thanks for doing it! Good job!

  6. Yes do like the ideal of nudist but would rather wash clothes.


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