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My Birthday Girl

Since I usually do a fun little post for my kiddos birthday...and since we did the whole Birth Story Blog Hop yesterday (p.s. the blog hop is open 'til Thursday, for anyone who wants to join in!!), which is kinda about Baby Girl, but more about me...

I need to give her her own post...dontcha think?

Well, even if you said no...I still would. I'm like that. And, besides...I'd be afraid I'd scar her for life if I didn't give her her own birthday post.

And, it's a lot less hassle to write a blog post and save the scarring, than to pay for therapy costs later in life when she feels jilted and neglected and unloved 'cuz I didn't write a blog post for her on her second birthday.

So, blog post it is.

Baby Girl:

Two years (and one day) blessed our lives in a way none of us could ever imagine.

You entered the world a peanut of a spit fire...and you haven't changed one little bit!

You test my patience daily...and melt my heart twice daily with your sideways head tilts, impish grins, and your "I need me's".

I vow to never change out of yoga pants and knit shirts...'cuz I know you'll keep on coming back for another "worry". So, I'll ask for your forgiveness now, for when I show up to your high school graduation in ratty old yoga pants and a baggy shirt.

It's just my way of trying to keep you close.

Your independence, spunk and stubbornness remind me just a tad of someone else I know...perhaps those who are born on Februray 2nd are born with a stubborn, independent, spunky streak?

I love that you will sit in my lap (worrying my shirt) through many, many books...and I have never, ever read "just one more", just to keep you close.

You've been a self-calmer from very early on...insisting to be simply laid down in your the nights when you "agree" to rock and's what we do. And I lap up every. single. second. of it.

And, you know what else?

As much as I may joke about you "stealing" my birthday...I really think it's pretty cool that we share it!
You, my love, are the best, most wonderful, amazing gift I could ever have received...I am so blessed that you are mine.

We just need to work on your shopping skills.

I love you, Baby Girl...from the very tips of my toes to the very top of my head...and with every fiber of my being.


  1. Amazing post for your baby girl! Thank you for visiting my story yesterday! You are a very encouraging, funny, real, and inspiring blogger to this 'baby blogger'... I come for my 'daily dose' of you before I start my blogging! ;)
    Bless You !
    aka Your new stalker! ;)

  2. What a great post! Love all the pics of that precious birthday girl. I esp love the brown and blue 2 outfit! Hope you two had a wonderful day yesterday filled with family, love,cake and presents ;)

  3. Happy Belated birthday to you and Baby Girl.
    The last photo of her and Mr. Wonderful..Awww melt my heart..

  4. Well thanks for going and making me get all teary at work! What a lovely post.

  5. Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Beauty! Happy Birthday little one!

  6. Very precious. I am teary. And she is beautiful! :)

  7. Prehaps those born on Feb 2(You and baby girl) and those born on April 22(me) and on October 24(mestraa) have an independent, spunky, stubborn streak.

    Happy (one day) late birthday!

    I love her shirt and tutu, even if she looks less than thrilled to be sportin' it!

  8. Will you stop it already? I didn't come prepared with tissues!

  9. So sweet and she is flippin adorable...what a cutie and I am glad she gets her "own " post because I bet she never gets anything as cute as she is =)

  10. Wonderful post! Happy birthday to your sweet little girl . . . and happy birthday to you, too!

  11. Oh my goodness, she is adorable!!!

  12. Such a sweet post! And a belated Happy Birthday to you both!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  13. Awww! How sweet was this post!!? I have a two year old, too. He turned two in December. Happy belated B-day to both of you!

  14. sweet. Happy birthday to both of you.

  15. Beautiful pics. Happy birthday to your baby girl :)

  16. I love TinyGirl! I must have her.

  17. I love TinyGirl! I must have her.

  18. What a great post for your sweet, baby girl!


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