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How the Mr. Popped the Question!

Yikes...I almost spelled that "pooped the question"!!'s theme for our V-Day Extravaganza is "Engagement Stories"!

Photobucket, y'all know that I was a "package deal"...a "two fer one" if you will.
..coming into my relationship with Mr. Wonderful.

We dated...and 6 months into our relationship...I knew for sure, that he was the one.

But...ah...well...apparently he needed a bit longer. Like a whole stinkin' year and a half longer!

(And here's where I'll tell you the story I mentioned yesterday!)

One of our favorite places to go when we were dating, was Duluth. The atmosphere, the views, the fun stuff to do (hike, ski, walk along Superior) was just amazing...a great place to fall deeply in love!

So, we decided to celebrate our "one year anniversary", Valentine's Day, and my birthday...all at once in a weekend getaway up in Duluth.

Me...being the girl, decided that I had enough of always making plans, arrangements, yadda yadda, so I told him it was his turn to find a place to stay. A few days in advance, he tells me he just found a place.

And shows me a photo of what looks like a trailer, set in snow. He was dead serious. I was mortified.

(Wow...this is getting long...time to condense...) We arrive in Duluth, and he drives me straight to this cabin in the woods. It was picturesque! He was just feedin' me a line with that trailer business!

So, we're exchanging gifts, and he tells me to go throw more wood in the fire...and what sits atop the wood pile?

A pretty little velvet box (squeeeee!!)...I get all it...and find...

A necklace.

Which I had specifically mentioned I didn't need another of. (Aside by is a beautiful necklace...and I totally appreciate it now!!)

Now...the engagement story (since that long novel above, was an "un" engagement story!!)

Fast forward almost two more years from the story above and I was getting impatient. I mean, for pete's sake! I was at the ripe old age of 23, in a relationship with a totally awesome dude that loved me and my son and treated us wonderfully.

Only...he seemed in no hurry to "make things official". So, me being the impatient gal that I am told him it's time to "sh#@ or get off the pot"...I wasn't gettin' any younger, and if he didn't love me and want to marry me, then life needed to move on.

I gave him an ultimatum. "Make a decision by November 1st." (Originally it was October 31st, he immediately asked for one extra day...just to be a turd...I obliged.)

Well...November 1st came. I worked that day...and I remember walking out to the parking ramp with a co-worker telling her, "I dunno what I'm gonna do! I love him! I don't want to break up with him!!"

It was a weekend when my son went to his dad's, so I saw him off, and lay down on the couch to wait for my man to get off we could "have our talk".

Let me digress...I got a phone call from him earlier in the day...on my way home from work, he told me he "had a little accident with his four wheeler (he works with farmers and spends a lot of his time on a four wheeler), and hurt his hand" and wondered if I'd look at it.

So, anywho...back to the couch. I had fallen asleep. The next thing I hottie was coming down the stairs...nerves set in...I wondered if I was gonna hafta stick to my word and dump the sorry louse...or if he would remain my Knight in Shining Armor and decide that, indeed, I was worth holding onto.

So, he sits down next to me...his hand is all bandaged up...and the nurse in me rears her ugly head..."ohmigosh!! Are you okay? What happened...lemme look at this!"...and I begin to unbandage his hand.

Well, I'm unwrapping and unwrapping this bloody bandage and suddenly he closes his hand and drops down on one knee...shaking, he pulls out a ring and says, "Will you marry me?"

And then I fainted.

And then I picked myself back up...smoothed down my hair...and began laughing and kissing and saying yes and laughing and kissing and saying yes and wow. (Oh, and btw...the "blood" on the bandage? He had thawed hamburger, to make it look like an authentic injury with blood and all!!)


We drove over to my parents...told them the news (they already Mr. had asked my dad for my hand in marriage...awww!), and then we went to with my fist in a firm death grip, as the ring was too big!! (But, dang if I was takin' it off!)

Mr. Wonderful had made reservations at the restaurant where we had our first date.
When we arrived, our table had a beautiful display of a dozen red roses...and a card that read, "I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you."

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this guy?

And, just so y'all know...Mr. Wonderful has admitted that he is thankful for that ultimatum. He says it helped kick his butt into gear and realize that he's got one fine, amazing, delightful, enjoyable, funny, cute, awesome woman.

Okay, so I embellished. He did say it helped kick his butt into gear...but I threw in that other stuff about me.

And, now...your turn!

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  1. Loved reading your story! My hubby was also kinda slow figuring out that e were meant to be, but once he decided he wasted no time! :)

  2. very cute.
    our story.
    i'd been in Alaska on a mission trip for 10 days. i got home to find him at the neighbors under her sink. so i was crabby that i had to drag my suitcases in by myself and that after 10 days he wasn't exactly eagerly waiting for me. when he came in i wanted to go eat RIGHT THEN AND THERE. but he kept telling me to sit down a minute. I was SOOO annoyed (I was 5 months pregnant and hungry for crying out loud). I sat and he got on his knee and I think said something sweet. I felt a little tinge of guilt for being so crabby but got over it quickly and just wanted to be fed. LOL

  3. Lol...I had a similar "shit or get off the pot" conversation with DH. I'll try to link up a post today!

  4. aww what a great engagement story! I love sweet/romantic stories!! What a wonderful man you have girl :)

  5. Ok the trailer and then it was really a cabin - that is great! The fake blood that was cleaver too - I am glad you told him he better do it or it was over though, seems like you both would have missed out on a lot if that is what would have happened

  6. LOVED your story... Sorry mine is also a lengthy one...

    I am originally Portuguese. I was attending school in NYC and that is where I met my Irish American Bostonian husband.

    Just before we graduated, he had to go to Italy for a free lance job. The night he came back, he asked if I wanted to go out to Manhattan for dinner. I agreed to it, so we did. We took a cab from Brooklyn to the Village and after the cab left us in front of a Mexican restaurant, I started seeing him freak out. As he had just been paid from his free lance job I asked if money had dropped of his coat in the cab. He right away said yes. I answered back, well forget it, no way will you see that money again. Still he decided to call the cab company. The cab actually came back, he went in the back of the back and was all happy.

    We went for dinner (he had promised me he would take me to that restaurant over a year prior!), had an awesome time then we went to the first bar we ever went on a date. Once we got drinks, he pops the question. It was total shock. I started sweating like a pig and could not say a word. Took off my cardigan and all I said was.. I feel really hot! And he kept on looking at me holding a ring and finally asked again... so? is that a yes or a no? Of course I finally said yes.

    So what had he lost in the cab? the Ring! SO I totally believe this was meant to be! Still happily married after almost 15 years (as of this comiing July) with two wonderful girls!

  7. what a great story - definitely an interesting way to propose. My man took his time too - he was scared of not having money since we were going to both be in college.

  8. That's a great story!! I can't believe you fainted.

    I gave you a blog award today over at my blog!

  9. What a cute story! I love it :)

  10. Awww! That was sooo stinking cute! Kinda got me all misty eyed, too!! lol Aww! Mr. Wonderful is so sweet!

  11. You had me laughing out loud with that story. He had thawed out hamburger meat to make the blood look real? How funny is that? Very funny and clever man you have. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. Ha! Love the woodpile fake only a guy can do, huh! My DH and I did get engaged up by the BIG lake. I wish I had time to share it! What a fun blog hop!

  13. Such a great story and at least now Iknow maybe someday my fella will ask me we have been together 2 and a half years..but I am 4 years older and I already have a son so we shall see

  14. I like your embellishment!! Very cute story!! Some guys are so creative!!

  15. Aww what a story! So cute :)

  16. Your story is so cute!

    Hamburger?? Wtf!

  17. haha! He knew exactly how to propose to a nurse :o)

    Love it!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  18. what a cute engagement story!!! your husband went all out with throwing you off the track :)

  19. LOVE it! I'd share my engagement story, but I'm pretty sure that my husband would divorce me if I wrote my rendition. I said no the first time... good thing he asked again!

  20. Aw, I nearly cried - soooo romantic :-)

  21. This is so much fun! I linked up & I loved reading your sweet story! ;) my mom's been posting & I'm joining in on the fun!!


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