Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun Little Sweetness!

Working as a pediatric nurse one evening, I was assigned to a surgical patient who would be arriving on the floor "at change of shift" (nurse speak for "horrible timing"). So, the new shift is arriving, it's late at night, and my patient arrives on the floor.
Turns out, she's only the sweetest most adorable thing to ever have graced the unit! In her groggy voice with her cute little glasses on (I'm kinda partial to little girls in glasses) she answers our questions with the utmost bravery. Seriously, this sweetie was tuggin' at my heartstrings, she was priceless!
While we were settling her in, talking with her parents, assessing her, etc., I was giving report to the on-coming shift, in her room, and I was explaining just how darn sweet and tremendously brave she was. I, in fact, was even getting a little teary, 'cuz I could just about imagine how stinkin' scared she must have been.
We were praising her on how strong and brave and cute and sweet she was, when I said, "Can I just take you home with me?" She looked up at me and in a tired, hoarse voice said, "I already have a family." Like, "Thanks for the offer, crazy lady, but no. I'm happy where I'm at!" Oh, I could've just eaten her up! Made me realize though, that my sense of humor may not be fitted to a 5 year old's "realism"! Ah, I love my job (most of the time!).

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  1. How funny! I'm partial to little girls with glasses too ...maybe it's because both of mine have them :)


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