Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Here is my beautiful Lovely Miss E. She is a fabulous big sister, and she loves her baby sister to bits...although Tiny Girl is a bit, well, boring still! E. is a girly girl to the max...nail polish, lip gloss, sensitive, loving, caring, compassionate. Her teacher told her "I'll miss your gentle way"...and that is my E. to a 'T'!
Here are her new specs...sooooo cute, but, ah, they're lookin' a little foggy...actually, I'm wondering how she can even see out of them! Miss E. is my firstborn girl, we thought she'd live her life without a sister (just like her mama!), until we received news of Tiny Girl, check out that story here.So now, my girls have sisters...something that I am envious of! I've lived my life sans sister and I feel it is something I missed out on (and being the only girl of four, I really didn't miss out on much...ah, yeah, I have a bit of a princess complex...sorry!). This, however, is what Miss E. gets for a sister...a bossy, sticky, grimy, demanding 16 month old sister...Miss E. has high hopes of this Tiny Girl comin' 'round to the girly-er side of the fence...you know, the side that has dandelions and meadows, not mud and grime!
Miss E. is a fabulous sport, however. She'll take her sister anyway she can get her...afterall, if she were a he, Miss E. would've been stuck with yet another grimy brother!
Here's to watching my girls grow up together and observing what I've missed out on, you know, without a sister and all!


  1. Aweee how sweet and precious! I was 9 when my baby sister came along, after two brothers I was very excited to have a sister! LOL My girls on the other hand.... are lacking in brothers LOL

    Loved the pics!!! They are sooo sweet!


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