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My name is not "Mom"

Ever have one of those days where you wish you could remove your "Hello, My Name is: MOM" nametag? You know, the days of endless chauffeuring to and from activities, the countless butts to wipe, the "Mo-OM, I don't like this" or "Mom, he's being mean" or "Mom, she hit me back" or "Mom, he did..." or "Mom, she did..." "Mom" "Mom" "MOM!!!"?

Oh, you don't? Uh, neither (ahem). And today certainly wouldn't be one of them.


  1. I completely understand this feeling - and my name is step-mom!

  2. Amen sister! MOM, MOM, MOM was the last thing I wanted to hear all day ... but I still heard it about 300 times!

  3. ohwow i really get it to! Although my almost 4 year old has taken to calling me "Dawn" and getting quite perturbed when I tell her "i'm not answering you while you're calling me that" LOL

  4. I know you wrote this a long time ago but when my kids keep bothering me I always say "Sorry mom's not in please leave your name and a message after the beep"


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