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Not Me! Monday

Here it is again! Honesty MckMama style, head over to her blog to check out what I mean, oh, who am I kidding...who doesn't know MckMama and her Not Me! Mondays?

Mr. Wonderful and I have a little post church Sunday tradition...are you ready? It's really exciting! We head over to our local McDonald's and get ourselves a couple of iced coffees (see, told ya, really exciting, right?). I am totally, completely a little addicted to this coffee, so I try to limit myself as much as I can. When Sunday rolls around, I have a hard time waiting for my coffee...turns out, tho' that my kids like it too! So much so, that they sucked most of it down when I wasn't looking!! There were definately, possibly, at least a couple of good swigs left, tho', not to mention the ice, which I usually let melt down into luke warm watery iced coffee resembling water. When I realized my coffee was not where I left it, I said, "Aaauuugghhh, where's my iced coffee!!!!!", to which he responded, "I threw it away, it was gone!" Yup, threw it away, as in, in the garbage. (insert Olympic-like sprinting and frantic searching through the garbage here.) Like the mature adult that I am, I did not fish that coffee out of the garbage and proceed to drink all two sips that were left...uh, uh I am much more classy than that and would never consider putting something in my mouth that had been in the garbage, Not Me!

We took the kiddos to see "Up" on Sunday night...cute movie, if a bit heavy for kids. Being that it was, you know, a kid movie and all, I did not get teary during some parts of the movie (and I'm not a spoiler, so I won't tell you a thing!) No way, kid movies don't choke me up, Not Me!

I did not, for the second night in a row, run out of hours minutes in the day and put my kids to bed, grimy and sticky with unbrushed teeth. Yuck, what mother would actually do this? Not Me! That's for sure!

Well, happy Not Me! Monday! Hope everyone has a fantastic week!


  1. Cute NMM! Love the "5 crooked halos." Simply precious!

  2. Cute post! I loved the one about the iced coffee! I also cry at kid's movies, lol!

  3. I heard that was such a great movie! I'm going to have to go see it :)


  4. Wow to the iced coffee. It's that good, huh?!

    I must admit...there are some select things I might go searching through the garbage for if they accidentally ended up there. :)

  5. That must be some gooooood coffee! lol

  6. LOL In my house we frequently enforce the 5 second rule. The time doesn't start when you know the item is missing, it starts once you find the item and am working on getting it in your mouth..
    Hubby has learned to check the entire candy wrapper before tossing it in the trash can. I WILL eat the crumbs in the bottom :)

  7. I too never put my kids to bed without a thorough cleaning!
    and your iced coffee story is too funny, good thing it didn't happen, right? :)

  8. I love my coffee too. I totally feel your pain. And hey, sometimes those cups land upright in the just never know...I totally understand checking it out and what's more at least you got a few more sips out of it.

  9. I MISS coffee, so I totally understand digging through the trash. My kids have gone to bed dirty before too. Especially in the summer!

  10. I wanna see Up...that old guy better not die. I just know that movie that makes me and my 8 yr old cry is just around the corner...waaaa

    I don't blame you on the coffee and the trash thing...Sundays only come around like every 7 days and if you ask me, that is just too long to wait again!!!!

    Have a great week!

  11. God made dirt and dirt don't what's a little trash??
    Loved it! Too funny!

  12. I attacked my husband the other day when he was draining the juice from my home-made salsa into the sink. Funny Not Me's. Come by today and play Toot YOur Horn Tuesday. More fun!

  13. I too {am not} addicted to iced coffee and I {will not} share this story with my hubby to make him see I am not the only one with said addiction. Thanks for making my morning!


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