Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Something Warm...

If you're expecting a heartwarming story...this is not it!!

I sat snuggling Tiny Girl after her nap, she drinking some juice, I holding her on my lap. I felt something warm on my lap, filling her diaper, and said "oooh, good girl, you went potty!" (potty training always in the forefront of my mind), wanting her to be aware that she went potty. I reached down to pat her bottom as I said this...only to come away with a wet hand. Somehow, said potty did NOT make it into her diaper, but rather, was now all over my lap...running down my legs!!! Must have been the angle she was sitting...'cuz her diaper was no where near capacity!!

So now I sit...with wet shorts...wondering "do I change, or just let it dry?" A mother's work laundry is never done...think I'll just live with these wet shorts today.

1 comment:

  1. Yesterday I got smelly, rotten, potato juice on my bare foot when I pulled them out of the floor level cupboard. I'd only had them for ten days. They weren't that old.

    It was disgusting. I screamed like I'd seen a spider and my 14 year old daughter goes. "Oh, I see you found the rotten potatoes."


    But I haven't been peed on lately...heck..or pooped on.


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