Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mr. Wonderfulest

Okay, well, thank you for letting me get that off my chest. I feel much better now, really!

This weekend we are in the "Big City" for a baseball tournament with Big A. I am "single parenting" it, however, since Mr. Wonderful is back home working. Hopefully he'll be able to catch up with us tomorrow (oh please, oh please, oh please let that happen!)! I am realizing how very much I depend on him for help with our gaggle of children...WOW! this is a lot of work!

Which brings me to (insert drum roll here...), my first giveaway!!! In light of and in celebration of the upcoming Father's Day...I'm gonna have us a contest!

I always get a kick out of people's profiles..."I'm married to the most wonderful man on earth" or "I have the most fabulous husband" or "my husband is the most wonderful father" and I love it! I love that we all think so highly of our spouses, so, my challenge is this: we will post about all of the wonderful, selfless, loving, caring things our husbands do for us, for our children, for their parents, whatever it may be! I wanna hear all about your Mr. Wonderful. My thoughts are that I'll then choose the "Mr. Wonderful-est" and bestow upon the winner a marvelous gift. I'm hoping Mr. Linky will be operational (and that I'll be able to figure him out)...stay tuned for the date (I'm thinking Monday...wait, NO, not Monday, Tuesday maybe? I can't compete with Not Me! Monday, nor do I want to!) of the posting...and the gift (I'm thinking a gift certificate of some kind to celebrate with your hubby...not sure tho')! Wanted to get the word out there, please feel free to leave me comment about your thoughts or ideas on this...Oh, and I should specify...feel free to post about any Mr. Wonderful in your life, your dad, brother, grandfather, BIL, son, soldier, anything!

May the best Mr. Wonderful win!

Oh, and PS--I won't choose my Mr. Wonderful...that just wouldn't be right!


  1. Hmm, I don't know whether I have one. I hope I do eventually though, yours sounds pretty great. :)

  2. I hoppped on over to pay you a visit from the blogfrog.
    What a great idea you have here!

    I have "The Most Wonderful" Husband!

    I feel very blessed to be married to my dream man. He has always supported and encouraged me in everything I have wanted to do. He works 40+ hours a week, but always makes time to pitch in around the house or run the kids here or there. He is always willing to help out wherever he is needed. He is my best friend and life partner. I look forward to growing old and gray with this man. We were married on my birthday in 1997...and I thought I loved him then!

  3. I would like to participate. Do you want us to post here, or on our blogs? I'm confused about that. :-)

    Great idea for a contest!!!

    ~Brenda (found you from MckMama)

  4. By the way, I like the idea of this contest so much I mentioned you on my blog! :-))


  5. I love the idea for the Mr. Wonderfulest! I think its great, and agree with you.... with as many times as we get downtrodden by our spouses, its amazing how all of us actually really do love, appreciate, and respect them! I'm in... give me details..... and let me know if you want me to put a shout out on my small blog world! LOL

  6. I'm in! I have Mr. Wonderful! Do you want our Mr wonderfulness on our blogs or in your comments? I can't wait to tell My Babe I am posting just about him. He will be so excited.

  7. Sounds like fun I'm interested!

  8. Since I'm planning on doing a Mr. Wonderful posting on Father's Day, I thought I'd do a comment here.
    I'm married to the most honest, hard-working, God-living, family-oriented man I know. Not only is he a fantastic example that my sons get to SEE how to be a great man, but he also talks to them about loving the Lord and living an honest life. He's self-employed- which means he works a lot to keep money coming in. But when he's home, he really makes an effort to be present with us. He's not flashy, and he doesn't care about the whole "keeping up with the jones'" thing-he's just himself, and I couldn't love him more for it!


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