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Am I Fit to be a First Lady?

Well, my friends, Mr. Wonderful is starting his political career...which leaves me to I fit to be a First Lady? Okay, so maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit...afterall, this first "win" that he has under his belt is a school board seat. And, no, not a public school board, just our local private school, where the entire school is about 300 kids. Oh, and as for the election...well, ahem, that just took place at church and there was only one other person running.
But I digress...Mr. Wonderful is truly wonderful, and honest, and believes in morals and values, and he's handsome to boot. So, I think he'd make a great President...he, however, has me as baggage!

I am not a Hilary, or a Michelle, or a Barbara, Laura, or Nancy. I'd like to think I'm as stylish as Jackie or as beautiful as Martha...but nope, I'm not that either. I think the USA'd be disappointed to have me as a First Lady, my only passion, so to speak, is my kiddos...and what kind of a platform would that be? "Citizens of the United States of America, I vow to make sure each and everyone of you believe that my children are the cutest, smartest, most charming children known to man!" (or woman, to be PC).

Mr. Wonderful thinks my platform could be candy (he feels I have some sort of weird, innate ability to opening candy bags, says my fingers work in a speedy little fashion to get those pesky bags open...think chipmunks with their food!). That would be kind of fun, though, "People of the USA, I promise you that I will make sure all Third World countries get their fair share of Skittles. Oh, and Starburst, Snickers, Dove Chocolate and Sour Patch Kids, too!"

Regardless of whether or not I am "fit to be tied First", my husband can rest assured that I have his back (and that I'll keep a steady supply of candy on the campaign trail!)!! And don't you agree, he'd make a darn handsome 'Mr. President'?!
(Awww, isn't he cute when he's all rumpled from sleep?!)


  1. lol i always love your posts! ;) I think you'd make a fabulous first lady! ;)


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