Saturday, June 20, 2009

Things are looking up!

Day 5 of E.W's illness. Back to clinic for follow-up and I am pleased to (guardedly) say that he's looking better! Temps are now "low-grade" (you know, vs. "core temperature of the center of the earth")...he really seems to feel his best when his fever is under control.

It's been "decided" that the source of this illness is some bug in his throat...not strep ('course not, that'd be too easy!), his white blood cell count was down, but his CRP (test for inflammation) was elevated slightly since, round two of antibiotics (once again, delivered via two shots in his thighs). Unfortunately for him, he knew what to expect this time around, so I think he tensed up his legs, as today's shots seemed to bother him much more than yesterday's.

I'm just very grateful that we've been able to "manage" him as an outpatient and have avoided the dreaded hospital stay! Still awaiting some culture results that may (or may not) change the course, but for now...I'm very happy with his progression! Thank you ladies for your concern!


  1. Awee poor little guy! Will they still possibly admit him for iv antibiotics? Sick kiddos are the worse, exspecially when they cant figure out whats wrong! Sorry he realized the shots were coming, I bet his little legs are sore ;(

    Please keep us posted when you have time!


  2. Sorry he's not feeling better yet! If you were next door, I'd bring ya'll some chicken soup :)
    Hope he gets to feeling better soon!

  3. Woot! Thanks for hopping by my blog! *grin*


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