Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Say it ain't S'more!

You may remember from my Mr. Wonderful post, that my hubby makes a mean S'more...I don't know what exactly his secret is, but, dang they're good! Oh, and um, in case you need a photo step-by-step...here you go!

Here's dad, teaching the kiddos his "sweet s'more making skills" (gotta say that with your best Napoleon Dynamite-esque voice). Look at how well they're listening (it is possible!).
First, the graham cracker...
Next, the chocolate...
And, finally, the perfectly toasted "mallow"...

Then, voila! Your masterpiece! (eat with grimy paws at your own risk)

And, for good measure, a cute photo of E.W., enjoying the outdoors nearly as much as his daddy!

(Now, just try and tell me you're not craving a s'more!)


  1. such cute pics... thanks though- now I am craving smores! lol

  2. Great pict of the kids crowding around watching how dad does it.

    oh, yes, smores do sound good!


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