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Christmas in June!

So, if you have any kiddos of your own, you'll probably know where I'm coming from. With 5 children, we have enough toys to feed a Third World Country. Well, you know, not feed them with toys, but, perhaps with their monetary value. It is obscene!! Really, it is quite ridiculous.

After living with a toy room that was, basically, overwhelming to our kiddos, Mr. Wonderful and I came up with a plan. It's not rocket science, and I'm sure many of you may do it yourselves...we decided to rotate toys. Somethings come out more than others (Legos, train set, Lincoln Logs), while many just sit, hopeful for the day when they will once again be played with!

Turns out that yesterday, while I was wasting way too much time briefly checking a few things on the computer, the Lovely Miss E. was discovering the joys of toys packed away for centuries! I actually just stopped and listened and began to laugh my behind off! It went something like this (and she was talking to no one in particular):

"Two car seats? I have two car seats?"

"Oh, look at all these babies!!!!!!"

"My unicorn! My unicorn, my unicorn, my UNICORN!!!!!!"
"A Groovy Girl? I have a Groovy Girl!!!?????" And the one that takes the cake...

"Oh, this is just HEAVEN!!!!"

I couldn't take it anymore...I just started to giggle and giggle...kicking myself for not having a video camera! It was priceless!

Even Little A. and Tiny Girl got in on the fun!

So, yes, it was Christmas in June for my kiddos! Oh, and for your own little Christmas in June, check out my giveaway/contest about the most wonderful Mr. Wonderful (do you have one in your life?)! People have left comments here and either "linked up" or left a comment here to be entered, feel free to do either! Looking forward to hearing all about your Mr. Wonderful!


  1. How cute! We rotate toys too. We'll put the older toys up in the attic after birthdays and Christmas and your right, they're "new" all over again when we pull them down. I love the picture of the baby on top of brother in the pack & play!!

  2. LOL what a great idea! I dont have the energy though... how does it work? LOL Need to get you my MR. Wonderful submission and get you on my blog! ;)


  3. Just discovered "you" through the BlogFrog (PS..thanks for the prayers with a direct flight) Will be working on my Mr. Wonderful post tonight after I have found all the Kleenex that I will need as I swoon about his glowing attributes.

  4. Also found you through BlogFrog & Boxer-Mower-Milk conversations :o)

    We don't rotate the toys very often, we do sort through them and donate a bunch of them on a semi-annual basis, though.

    When reading about your daughter's reaction to "finding" all the toys she didn't know she had, it reminded me of my daughter (7, on the autism spectrum), and her reaction to seeing her room after I had cleaned/purged/organized it a while back... "Wow, there's a floor in here? I never knew that!" Indeed... indeed.

    Here's to finding the floor more often -- holds up glass of water... cha-chink! Cheers!

  5. Oh how cute ... love it when old becomes new again ... nothing better in the world than hearing the sounds of your children when they think nobody is watching or listening ... your children are beautiful BTW! Have agreat Wednesday!

    Hugs from MN!
    Rebekah and her girls!


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