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Mr. Wonderful Contest!

Let the game(s) begin! Our Mr. Wonderful contest is off and running! At the end of this post you'll find instructions and what's at stake!

As we speak, or, you know, write, Mr. Wonderful is down in the hotel pool, swimming with our oldest four, one last time, before we check out! I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am to have him in my life.

He is a selfless, kind, and patient man (not to mention darn handsome, if I do say so myself!), and our children are just as blessed to have him for a father.

He is my shoulder to cry on, my rock in tough times, my best friend, my lover, and while we all know that marriage isn't always a cake walk, I wouldn't want it any other way! He is also a wonderful labor coach, and never once missed bestowing me with a post delivery gift and a card with a note that would bring me to sentimental tears.

He'll sacrifice his comfort so that I can have the thermostat set to "near center of the earth temps" in the winter and let's me warm my ice cold hands on his toasty warm chest when the need arises.

He's in charge of the "brood" two evenings a week, so after a 10 hour work day, he gathers the kiddos from day care, takes them home, feeds them, bathes them, reads to them, prays with them, tucks them in. He even makes sure the house is spic and span for me when I come home! And I know he does a better job of it than me!! And sometimes, they somehow manage to squeeze in time to check out the cows at Uncle V.'s farm!

He takes 3 out of 5 kids on a yearly 5 day canoeing trip to the Boundary Waters (and will one day take 5 out of 5!!), camps out with the kiddos in our backyard (complete with tent and campfire), makes a mean s'more, and turned me on to the wonders of country living!

He let's me sleep in on Saturdays, knows exactly how I like my coffee and that I hate carnations, says he'll help me get in shape, but knows when not to push that! Mr. Wonderful gets my sense of humor and thinks I'm pretty funny (that's flattering!!)! He knows that shopping is my "out" and that I enjoy the occasional girl time, all with his support!

You know the saying, "still waters run deep"? That's him. He's deep thinker and a gentle spirit, quiet until you get to know him. Strong in his morals and beliefs and relationship with God. He has brought me closer to God and is a fabulous example to our children on living a Christian life.

Mr. Wonderful is a hunter (tho' more for the party than the 'game', if you know what I mean!) and loves my cooking. He'd love to have a farm with lot's of animals and if not for his family, I think he'd enjoy living in a cabin in the woods with no electricity! :) He's also a master griller and will patiently cut up steak after steak after steak for our children, so that I can dig in and eat!

Mr. Wonderful is an unwavering conservative, fiercely patriotic and will frequently, from the bottom of his heart, thank a veteran for their service to our country.

And in true character of a wonderful man:

He loves his mom.

Happy Father's Day My Love! I love you!

Leave me a comment (or try clicking on the Mr. Linky text below) that you've posted your own Mr. Wonderful post to be entered in the contest! Contest closes at midnight, CST, Tuesday night! At stake is a $25 AMC theater gift certificate along with a $25 Visa giftcard!


  1. I think I did it right! I linked to Mr. Linky after posting my very own Mr. Wonderful post. Thanks for hosting the contest! It was fun blogging about some of the things that make my man my own Mr. Wonderful!

  2. I stumbled upon your blog through Anrazel, and I love it! I don't want to be Anrazel's only competition, so I won't enter your contest (yet, anyway)...but I love the idea. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. :)

  3. I am new at this so I am going to tell you about my Mr. Wonderful on your blog. I don't even have a clue who Mr. Linky is.
    My name is cathy and my "Mr Wonderful" is the most selfless, giving and loving husbund and father.
    (9 years ago our son Jeremy was diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma...(cancer of the fluid in the brain and spine.) I thought our lifes had ended but relized it was just the begining of a long and very heart breaking journey. They started heavy doses of chemo right away and 3 days latter he suffered a stroke. We spent 11 months at Loma Linda Childrens Hospital in California where we live. Our presious son who endured more then any child should ever have to endure went home to be with the Lord 11 months after he was admitted.
    My husbund was my rock. I really don't know how I would have been able to go through every parents night mare. We leaned on each other but he was the one who would stayed strong and let me lean on him. He made sure that our daughter got to school each morning and was there to pick her up every day. We live 50 miles away from the hospital. That was 100 miles each day. We stayed at the Ronald McDonald house. I wasn't about to leave my son.
    He also made sure we ate and had plenty of clean clothes while I stayed by our sons side.
    Now he is the one person who understands my meltdowns and has always found the right words to say and big arms to wrap around me.
    We were very thankful for the Ronal McDonald house. So my husbund held an annual golf tournament with all of the proceeds going to the house.
    To this day I will stand on the tallest mountain and let everyone know that I have been bleesed by God with the most amazing and selfless husbund anyone could have.
    God knows what we need in times of trouble. I know that God had my sons life planed before I even met him. That is truly why I believe God gave me "Mr Wonderful"

  4. My Mr. Wonderful is all a woman can want. He is a hard worker, spending countless hours doing extra work to help out our family financially. He helps me out in the house taking care of all of our laundry and more often than not kitchen duties. He always tries to lend an ear to listen when I need him.

    He stuck by me when we became pregnant after only dating 4 months, helping me through that and raising our firstborn. We have been married for almost seven years. Our second son was born when we had only known each other just 3 years. This son started having seizures the day we brought him home from the hospital after his birth. Many more medical and developmental issues followed along with years of trials and tribulations both for and within our family. My husband was always there to support me.

    We place our second son in hospice care in August of 2007, three months before my due date with our 3rd child. My son died Nov 1, 2007, and our 3rd child was born Nov 2, 2007. My husband stepped up and took care of our daughter almost solely for almost 5 days while I took care of the necessary things needed for the funeral.

    Throughout all that we have been through, he has been the rock of our family and protector. I love him more than words can say. My greatest wish for him is to see the great qualities he possesses.

  5. I have to share my Mr. Wonderful with my two daughters!!! But I wouldn't have it any other way. He and I met on the internet 11 years ago and will be married 10 years in less than 2 weeks. He has always been the greatest 'decision' I have ever made. I moved 1200 miles away from my entire family to be with him and never thought 10 years later he would have blessed me with 2 wonderful children. I go to bed smiling at him every night and he kissed me goodbye in my sleep every morning. He gives the best piggy back rides a child could ask for and he has the strongest hands to hold. He never yells or raises his voice and he listens even if he'd rather not. He plays dress-up with our oldest daughter and rolls around on the floor with our 5 month old. The look of PURE JOY on his face when I told him (both) times that I was pregnant will forever be etched in my memory. Even when I was terrified he was in awe. The look of pure love and excitement when I was standing sideways at the mirror and he noticed my belly was showing was so adorable I cried. The way he provides and works so hard for all of us can never be repayed. He is My Mr. Wonderful but he's got his girls wrapped around his fingers!! I could never have imagined my likfe this wonderful 10 years ago ... and without him ... it wouldn't be!

    Thanks for this outlet to show so many how much we care for our guys!

    Happy Father's Day to all the great Dads out there!

    Oh and I LOVE your family blog and will be sure to visit often!

    Rebekah and her girls!

  6. Great idea! These Dads deserve some attention :) I've posted about my own Mr. Wonderful on my blog.
    Happy Father's Day to all!

  7. I found your blog through MckMama's Blog Frog. I love your post abot your Mr. Wonderful. What a wonderful ideas!

    Let me tell you about my Mr. Wonderful. He is the world to me. We have only been married for 8 months, but everyday I learn something new that I love about him. He's honest, he's kind, he's a hardworker, he loves the Lord, and he is the man of my dreams.

    I can't wait until one day when he is the father of our children. He is going to be the best father some day.

  8. Hey! I posted a Mr. Wonderful on my blog if you want to see it.

  9. OOPPPSSS! Life got busy and I forgot to come back and leave a comment. I am glad to see that you had so many other Mr. Wonderfuls!!!


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