Friday, June 5, 2009

Yup, it's natural!

Oh. my. gosh. I can't believe I'm posting this (you may find out I'm an idiot afterall, or you may get the chuckle I'm hoping for!)'s actually kind of embarrassing, but here goes.

After work tonight, I was walking to my illegally parked vehicle, slightly frightened (as I usually am) about the "dangers" that might get me (as well as the gut clenching fear that hospital security might catch me). Like always, I had my keys in hand before I even entered the parking ramp. As I neared my car, I pointed my fob at it, pressed the unlock button and...nuthin'. Huh, that's strange. Walked a little closer, pointed, pressed...nuthin'. At this point I am outside the driver's door, pointing and pressing like there's no heart is racing, my stomach turning as I imagine bad guys lurking around the corner (with security close behind them). I'm fearing I need to make that dreaded call to security, "Yes, I know officer. I shouldn't be parked in patient see, I was running late to work, blah, blah, blah...but I can't get into my car."

Has anyone caught on yet?

Hee,'s my blondishness totally betraying me!!

I can't even believe I was such an idiot!!

So, you know that fob I was pointing at the door? Ah, yeah...turns out it has a key on it. As in, a key to insert into the lock to unlock the door. Ahem.

No need to worry, my bad guys got me, I averted that call to security, jumped in the vehicle, and with a flick of my (blonde) hair I was off...pretending like that never happened! (You won't tell anyone, will you?)


  1. bahhhhahah Been there done that! And I am not even blonde! Seriously...I am glad you were safe!

  2. Thanks for the giggle! Glad you got in your car ok :)

  3. LMAO That is so something I would do. Funny how routine we are, we forget the no tech way of doing things.

  4. Ahhhh, nice to know we're in good company :o)

  5. So glad you shared that story. That bit of comedy was very helpful this morning! Sounds like something I would (like totally) do!


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