Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Back for more! I just can't NOT do a Not Me! Monday! I was gonna opt out this Monday, but just couldn't stay away!

First and formost, I am not taking this opportunity to promote a fun little contest about a wonderful man in your life, I would never do that! And if I were to have a contest, you certainly couldn't find info about it here and here! I also am not excited about this, um, hypothetical contest, and am not looking forward to "meeting" people's Mr. Wonderful and crowning a "Mr. Wonderfulest"! Nope, Not Me!

In complete silliness, I am not proud of the fact that I came up with a rather hilarious post about a super funny Labor and Delivery story that happened to me! And I won't (but I will) guarantee you a laugh if you check it out! Uh, uh...Not Me!

This weekend I did NOT regress to a teen-ager and find myself responding to my teenager, like a teenager. Ugh, how embarrassing and what stellar parenting that is, huh? I mean, you know, NOT, 'cuz I didn't do it, Not Me!?

Well, that's it...gotta go tend to my 7 year old who is "having the worst day of my life"! Poor thing!

Oh, and BTW, I just did not realize that in my haste to get kiddos out the door for morning activities, I did not forget to change Tiny Girl's diaper...only to be puzzled when putting her down for a nap and finding she had soaked through her diaper! Oh, no...I am always on top of my game and would never do something like that! No way, Not Me!!


  1. Ohhh I NEVER forgot diapers! NEVER EVER!!! Nope!!

  2. Can't wait to write my Mr. Wonderful post, I'm still thinking about it. Your Mr. Wonderful post...was wonderful. He sounds like a great guy.


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