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A Few Pet Peeves...

Belly button piercings on anyone over 30 (or once you are pregnant).

Dead beat dads.

Dogs licking my hands unexpectedly.

Guilt trips.

People not being respectful of my time.

Baby talk.

Mosquitos buzzing in my ear.

Our "sue-happy" society, which has, in turn, made people afraid to help.

Tramp stamps (they may be sexy when you're 18, but once you reach 30...they just look, well, trampy).

Lost mucous plugs.

A Few of My Favorites...

Warm morning snuggles.

Belly laughs.

A newborn's smell.

Being a part of someone's labor and delivery.


The song, "Hey, I Love You" (Michael Franti and the Spearheads)

Quality time with my teenager.

Mr. Wonderful's way of loving me and our children.



Easter mass.

McDonald's Iced Coffee.

My Children.


  1. lol i'm hoping and assuming by "baby talk" you dont mean the sweet babble i hear from my almost 1 year old (gulp) in the monitor and when she's playing with us and her sisters... but the annoying GROWN UPS who think they have to talk baby talk to infants on up to middle schoolers?????? YES thats annoying!

  2. I like your lists... I'd have to add... put blogging together with the McDonald's iced coffee and your golden!!! :-)

  3. I'd have to say I really like the top two. Warm morning snuggles and belly laughs...they don't cost a thing and you can do those at home.


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