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I'm Baaaaaaaack!!

I'm back. I'm tired. I'm broke. And, my hip hurts.

And, that I've written that last part, I feel like I'm 80. Speaking of 80 and grandma just had hip surgery. I saw her the evening of her surgery, and I was AMAZED at how well she looked!

Not at all what I expected her to look like after getting a bionic hip. Who knew surgery has come so far that they don't put you to sleep for that kind of surgery any more?! Well, kinda they do, but not really. They just give you a spinal and some good drugs to make sure you don't remember anything!

Oh, the advances of modern medicine...

But, that's not what I intended this post to be about. In fact, I'm not really sure what I intended this post to be about...perhaps that I survived the MOA?

Maybe the weirdness that I ran into someone I graduated from high school with, at the biggest mall in the world? Perhaps that while at the MOA, I took a picture of the American Girl store with my "Instagram" app and finally found a photo I could use the "Poprocket" filter on (I have strange goals in life)?

Or wait...maybe it was that I finally broke down and bought this with the gift certificate I won from this recipe:


Maybe, the intent for this post was to tell you that there is (already) a radio station playing Christmas tunes 24/7. And, I love it.

Or, maybe I was going to tell you about how my mom and I reminisced about waiting half our lives to see the Pioneer Woman when she was at the was a much more enjoyable memory for me than for my mom. Not that she doesn't enjoy's just that I don't think she would want to wait for half her life to meet ME at the MOA. She's just not a waiter.

Or, it could be that I received many, many compliments on my green shoes and my mom would tell these people that complimented me that it looked like I lost a bet and had to wear them.

Hmmmm...perhaps I was going to tell you that I laughed so hard with my mom while driving home that I cried. And, it was over this phrase..."Well, Pops, you're full of alcohol!!"...which, when said all alone really isn't that funny, but as I'm sitting here reading that phrase, I've once again got tears of laughter in my eyes!! (Really, it was hilarious!)

Yeah...I'm not really sure what my intentions were with this post...but, I DO know that I had a blast, drank way too many Caribou Coffees, was in bed ridiculously early but played Words With Friends with my mom for 3 hours, and I missed my kids. A lot.

So good to be, excuse me while I go catch up on laundry...


  1. I LOOOOVE days like that with my mom!

  2. Sounds like a blast of a time! Glad that you enjoyed yourself!

  3. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one already excited about Christmas music!!!

    Sounds like you enjoyed yourself :)

  4. Have fun with your 'recovery', LOL!

  5. so jealous, so so jealous. how bad is it that I stayed up one night watching some cop show because it was the cops at mall of america and i thought i could see all the stores. i did see the one from when pioneer woman was there

  6. :) Your posts always make me smile! :) You have a great sense of humor!


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