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Obligatory Halloween Post...

This Halloween has done me in! I am so sick of candy and costumes and driving and prompting ("say, 'trick-or-treat'!!") after the three day candy-fest that we just experienced.

What happened to Halloween being one night of fantastic fun? Who called for this three day thing? I vote to abolish it. All in favor, say "yay"! any event, we actually did have fun last night. We live "near" family, but between the mister and myself, our families are spread across the county. Kinda.

So, it's get in the car, drive to destination A, visit for a bit, get in the car, drive to destination B, visit for a bit, get in the car...etc. We spend more time driving that anything else!

Let me introduce you to my company last night...

My "Pretty Witch":

My "Superhero" (for the second year in a row!!):

My "Ghost":

My "Angel" (parenthesis required for more than one reason):

She refused to stand by the tree for her own solo photo. Poopy head.

The group:
Hambone was upset about something or other, and, so, was refusing to show me his eyes. Poopy head.

(Missing child: The Pal. Location: His dad's. Missed out on: Getting his picture taken.)

I relinquished the camera duties to my husband, 'cuz, well...I've recently realized that I have no, and I mean NO pictures of me with my kids.

Do you wanna see what he got? No laughing (and, I really can't believe I'm showing you these...):

Um...yeah. I think I need to remind him that my face is above and on the other side of my butt.

Well, he did get this one:

If you wrote a Halloween post, leave me the link in the comments...I'd love to see your costumed kiddos!


  1. LoL my husband does the same thing when he gets the camera.
    My Halloween post:

  2. I wrote about Halloween...but no pics of kids because I dont have any! But some lovely pics of my dog! :-)

  3. LOL!! I think our husbands went to photography school together :) I'll come back and post my link after I finish blogging my halloween post!

  4. Girl you are better than me! I tell all the gparents, Aunt, Uncles, etc where we will be T or Ting and say see ya there! LOL I know I should take her to see family but like you said I just hate spending all that time in the car.

    Loved the costumes.. the kids looked great!! I dont have my Halloween post up yet.. but I will work on it this afternoon.

  5. I have the obligatory Halloween post too.

    My husband does the exact same thing, great huh!

  6. Love the pictures! Your kids look absolutely adorable! And I think your hubby's pics are hilarious! But hey, at least you look amazing from that view! Are those Silver jeans? I love Silver.

  7. Nice ass! And very cute jeans. :) Oh, and the costumes turned out great too!

  8. Ha! Gotta love the butt pics :-) That is sweet though :-) I love Halloween, but am also glad it's over, well...almost. My hubby and I have one more party to attend at a friends home that always have their parties the weekend after. are our pics!

  9. I have the obligatory Halloween post too:

  10. LOVE the Halloween post!!! We also had a crazy Halloween...

  11. I love the costumes! The ghost one is so much better than my attempt at a ghost costume last year which surprisingly enough, is mentioned in this years Halloween post, lol

  12. I am sorry but I couldn't help but laugh at the pictures your hubby took. I would probably get much of the same if I would ever give my camera to my hubby.

  13. Love your kids' costumes! Although I'm sure it's embarrassing to him, it's too bad The Pal couldn't be there for pictures with the others.

    My obligatory Halloween post is here:

    along with a few other pics form our action packed October. :D

  14. ha ha! your husband is funny! :)
    and the costumes of the kids are adorable! love them all!


  15. I loved all the costumes. Here is my blog about Halloween costumes.

  16. My husband does the same thing to me.

    Love that last pic of you and your angel!!

    Happy Halloween!


    Glad to hear you guys had a great Halloween! :)

  18. Your kids are adorable and the butt shots are hilarious! I don't have kids but I dressed up for a party...

  19. My husband does the same thing to me. He also likes to take pics of me putting on my makeup with a towel on my head. He says that is when I am most beautiful, so I guess I can't be too annoyed. Here are my little Halloween monkeys:

  20. Nay! I'm all for three glorious days of Halloween.
    Your kids look great! I did write a post about Halloween...Do dogs count as children? I dressed them up to go along with my Cindy Lou Who costume, but they didn't match so much when I changed my look to Ace Frehley of KISS!

  21. hi! stumbled on your blog :) very cute :)

  22. Love the pictures of your cuties! And your butt shots crack me up!!

    I just put up my Halloween post.

  23. I'm glad my DH is not the only one who takes pictures of my butt. Seriously, if he ever borrows the camera, I get a bunch of pictures of my boobs and my butt.

  24. I love that your husband took "rear" pics of you!! I love it only because it makes me feel like I am not alone ;)
    Great pictures!
    Here's our Halloween


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