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Do Not Call it a Monster.

Whatever you do, for the life of you, do NOT call the mouse you just caught a "monster" in front of the baby.

Trust me on this. If you never listen to another word I say, just listen to this.

As you know, we are in the middle of Mouse Wars; The Saga, over here...and the other night, I happened to see a (rather large) mouse crawl from under one couch (the one I was sitting on) to the other.

Now, as much as I really don't mind mice (but, I really don't like them either...I guess what I'm getting at, is I don't grab the hem of my skirt, jump up on the table, and swat at the mouse with the broom that is always, conveniently, in my hand...), the whole idea of a mouse coming out from under my butt freaked me the heck out.

I dealt with it like I deal with all stress (no, I didn't NOT speak to it, why do you ask?) I went to bed and informed my husband to set more traps in the living room (and, by "informed", I mean I "begged, demanded and otherwise acted like a girl that just had a mouse crawl out from under her butt").

And, apparently by "set more" it meant "haul out the arsenal" (typical man)...he turned that living room into a freakin' mine field of snap traps!

Shortly after my hubby settled into bed, I heard a telltale "SNAP", then some rattling. The baby happened to be awake at this time (note: I know my "baby" is almost 3...but she will forever be my baby. The end.), I urged my hubby out of bed to check the trap, certain the mouse wasn't dead yet.

Baby and I followed him into the living room...he peered behind the couch, and said (and I quote), "Whoa. That's a monster."

*insert escalating freakazoid behavior from the baby* "Monstow? Der's a Monstow?!!! Put it outside!!" *accompanied by adorably worried/terrified/fearing for her life face*

I nearly died.

Right there, holding her in my arms, I almost died. It was too funny!

I then tried to explain that daddy just caught a really big mouse, not a monster.

Only, I'm not sure which was less frightening.

Mouse Wars...Game on.

Yer goin' down, monstows. Yer goin' down.

(Oh, and you're welcome for saving you from the photos. I thought about it...especially when we caught one mouse on two traps, then two mice on one trap. Oh boy, did I think about it!! But in the end, I thought maybe you'd NOT like to see it. Am I right?)


  1. How timely...we were moving things around in the basement this morning and when my guy moved the tv he said, "Oh...huh." I knew. Ick. He snuck it out before the kids saw.

  2. Your baby sounded so cute. I would have been rolling at the point when she said put it outside. Hope your mouse wars goes well.

    Nikki Darlin'

  3. awww! how freaking adorable is the baby?! Good luck with your mouse wars!

  4. I hate mice, and part of me still would have liked to see the two mice in one trap. Nice!

  5. Hahaha, good thing Daddy caught that monstow!

  6. Oh man do we have mouse stories at this house too! Your tale (especially of how it came out from under your "butt) was eerily familiar to our story too! ACKACKACK!

  7. I do thank you for not posting pictures haha. How cute is she though, and correct. Mice are monstows!!

  8. I thank you for not showing us the monstows, but wish you would have had a camera for the adorable face of the baby when she asked!
    And hey, my baby is 12-the end. =)

  9. Thank you for no pics!

    I would have laughed at monstows.

  10. My husband caught a rat a few years ago, actually he shot it with his BB gun. I took a picture

  11. EW EW EW.....although I love your quoting the baby:) Too cute.
    Hope you get all the monstows soon;)


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