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Moving on...

After the little pity party I threw for myself the other day, I realized that all of your comments are right. I AM good, I AM nice, I AM likable...and I CAN'T please everyone, and that just has to be GOOD ENOUGH.

I'm taking a cue from Jodie and from here on out, I'll just say I'm "misunderstood". She's right, it does sound SO much better than "unliked"!

Moving on...

Yesterday, I was able to have a little photoshoot with an adorable little 2 year old that we know very well...he did SO good!! Here are a few of my faves:

(I know the background's totally blown out on the second one, but I can NOT for the life of me figure out Photoshop. So, for now, I'm stuck with what iPhoto and Picnik can fix...).

I'm also working on a visit to my friend who has a brand spankin' new baby and said I could use him as an adorable subject to practice my photography on.

Moving on...

Well, not really, 'cuz I'm still talking about photography...but, in other news, my husband gave me the okay to buy a new camera!!

Catch: "As soon as we pay off his (stupid, God forsaken, dumb, overpriced) trip to Nova Scotia". Have I mentioned how I feel about that trip? Oh, I haven't? Well...I'll just keep those thoughts to myself.

So, now...the question...D90, D300s, or D7000? Sigh. What's a girl to do?


  1. Have you thought about selling your old camera to fund a new one?? And I LOVE this second picture like it is, the background makes him stand out more! Great photos!

  2. great photos they all looks wonderful.
    Nikki Darlin'

  3. Great job girl! I waaaaant a new one too *said in the best whiney voice ever* I have been drooling over the new Canon 60D ... heavenly! Dont really know anything about Nikon so I cant really give ya any advice..but study,read reviews,and totally love it before you order it!

    PS so sorry I was a terrible bloggy friend and did not link up monday.. life got a little crazy on me. Pinky Promise to not miss again ;)

  4. I can't figure out Photoshop either! That is one crazy program that boggles my mind!
    Spoken from a girl who has Nikon only, I would say go for Canon! A lot of the pros use them and I'm thinking you might be happier with one. But just like Mac or PC, Nikon and Canon are different worlds too.
    Glad to hear that you are feeling better about you. You ARE LIKEABLE!

  5. I love them all! And I am a new-ish owner of a D-90 and I LOVE it. Like, seriously. And I used to be a Canon owner. But the 90 is amazing because there is so stinking much you can do with it - I don't know if I'll ever reach the point where I say, "huh, well, I've done all I can do with this... moving on..."

  6. You cannot go wrong with the D90! I have a D700 and it rocks!

  7. I want a new camera too!! Karl tells me when we have a baby! The pictures are fabulous...#2 with his grin is fabulous!

    I forgot to post yesterday but I do think you are fabulous. It is hard when you have days like that but I try and say an extra prayer and lean on those around me who understand! I am proud of you for realizing it isn't you and they may just not "understand" you!! :)

  8. This nice lady does free e-mail photoshop courses occasionally:

    I'm working on one now and it makes photoshop elements so much easier - and I also came form using iphoto.


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