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Holiday Gift Guide...

Okay, so while I'm nailing down some more details, I wanted to put the word out (so we can all start spreading the word...or something) that we'll start our "Holiday Gift Guide" on Monday, November 8th.

I've decided to run it through the last Monday before Christmas...for all of you last minute shoppers!

I'm looking for a catchy name...I was thinking something like "HollyBlog Hop" or, maybe we should just stick with "Holiday Gift Guide"...self-explanatory, no frills, nice and simple.

Whaddya think?


I'm open to hearing's what I've got:
1. Children's Books-Hidden Gems
2. Gifts for the "Mature Man" in your life (i.e dads and grandpas!)
3. Handmade/Homemade/Esty Gifts (tutorials welcome! It's always nice to find a way to make a thoughtful, frugal gift!)
4. Favorite Children's Toys
5. Gifts for Grandmas
6. Tween and Teen Gift Ideas
7. ????
8. Last minute steals?

With the themes, what I'm hoping for, are actual items YOU own or have purchased for someone (with success!!). So, what we'll end up with are real, certifiable, fabulous gifts for our loved ones! If you have a fabulous IDEA, go ahead and tell us about it, but for the most part, I'd like tried and true!

So, the idea will be to write a post (as short or as long as you'd like...make it easy, make it fun, enjoy this!!) about your gift idea and then link it up!

And, er...obviously, I'm in need of a couple of themes...any ideas? Do you like the "Last Minute Steals"? Should we separate the handmade/homemade theme out? How 'bout a separate "bakeable gifts"??

(I have too many thoughts running through my head!!)

Okay...I think that's the nuts and bolts of our gift guide! If you would, will you spread the word? When we decide on a name, I'll make up a little button for you to use in your posts!!

I figure, the more people that join in, the better our options for finding some great gifts!


  1. Souds awesome, can't wait for it to start!

    Nikki Darlin'

  2. I like holdiay gift guide...simple and to the point!!

    Please have one labeled unique gifts...I already have two items for that post!!

    The orange and black drink from the halloween party were made with black vodka and oj. A simple screwdriver. Teh black vodka is simply black, no flavor added! it looked cool when we floated it on top of cranberry juice too!

  3. An idea for a theme- what to give ancillary people (newspaperboy, mailman, bus driver, etc.)

    Meme title ideas: Christmas Present Parade, Christmas Countdown Giftgiving Guide, Idea Express, and DON'T BE A SCROOGE!

  4. I like the HollyJolly Blog hop.. cute name! Definatly think we need to go more original than just the "Gift Guide"

    I plan on doing as many as I can but this girlie has ZERO homemade/handmade etsy type gift so I may just have to scan through everybody elses on that one LOL

    So excited.. ready to get some great ideas for Christmas. I am sitting on G waiting on O to shop.. however my debit card is already crying from all the swiping that is soon to be going on!

  5. Great idea!! you should also do one for teacher gifts...I'm always trying to come up with something for my kids' teachers. Might also want to do favorite babysitter gifts...just a thought! :)

  6. I love this idea!!! However I think narrowing it down to a topic as specific as children's books would leave lots of people out. I think even Just a general gift ideas hop would be super fun& helpful!

  7. Sounds like fun! Count me in. However, I'm not so good on the catchy phrase part, sorry I don't have any ideas.

  8. what about a list for the "Mr." in our lives?

  9. Sounds like a GREAT idea! Count me in.

    I'm ALWAYS looking for gift ideas!

  10. what about a Geek/Gadget one?? for the Tech lovers among us (or our families)??

    Best Read/Books - ideas for all ages?

    Gifts for Coworkers- when you've got to have lots of the same thing!

  11. I need ideas for people who buy themselves whatever they want... you know-- the ones who have everything. :-)

  12. Love this idea so much!

    I know it might be against the norm, but we like to do battery-free Christmas gifts for our kids to encourage imagination and "unplugged" time. So maybe best no battery toys? Educational toys sounds so stuffy.

    Love the children's book idea!

  13. Oh I like this idea!! And I think someone said Holly Jolly Blog Hop, and I like that!!

    As for the 6th topic I liked someone else's idea of unique gifts, but also maybe ornaments, I'm a sucker for nice ornaments!!


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