Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Shoes.


Uh huh.

THE shoes.

As in, the ones I was "twittering" about the other day. As in, the shoes that FedEx was holding hostage for a ransom of a million billion dollars.

I paid out.

They're worth it.

Toooooootally worth it. (Even if YOU don't think so...MOM.)

Friends, fuhgeddaboud blue suede shoes...don't step on my GREEN PYTHON DANSKO SHOES!!!


Okay...so, I'll admit. When I first opened the box, I thought "*gulp* What have I done?!!" Then, I tried them on with a pair of jeans.

And they sang to me.

You guys, they SANG to me! So, I hugged them, and loved them, and petted them, and gave them a drink of water, and kissed them goodnight.

I luff them.

You can't have them.

(PS...have you checked out my fun Holiday Gift Guide idea? More to come soon!!)


  1. WOW!!! They do look great with jeans!!! First of all, I LOVE Danskos, but these are too cute! I admire your wiling to go out on a limb fashion-wise- I'm such a chicken when it comes to that stuff, but they look SO cute! I'm in line for a new pair in March-ish...I can't wait to see what's out there! Perhaps I'll have to channel some Mama M-esk fashion sense!

  2. The exact meaning of Crocs, you realize! LOL they're cute!

  3. I do love a great pair of Dansko's...these are great!

  4. I gave up cowboy boots years ago but this makes me want a pair. well a pair of those not cowboy boots

  5. I love those!! They're pretty awesome!!

  6. Those are fabulous!! I need to look those up for work. Do they come in red?

  7. Those are fantastic. Totally worth paying a random for! :)

  8. Can't spell. Ummmm, errrr. "ransom" :P

  9. did you feed them a mouse too?


  10. OHFERCUTE! Hmmm, leave them out to scare the mice...Maybe I need a pair at my house. Please advise on where I might find more!

  11. SOOO FUN!! I just bought the red patten ones! LOOOOOVE them!!!


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