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Memo to Myself


To: Myself

From: Yourself

Attention self. Effective yesterday, you must make every attempt to lose the bounce when you trounce, the jiggle when you wiggle, the fluff in your buff.

The Holidays are upon you...and you know what that means. Meals on the go, a few too many Caribou coffees (yes, you argue that you order them "skinny" but that does NOT mean they will make you skinny. Not in any way.), and treats galore.

Calories in need to be calories out...and, no, peeling cucumbers does NOT count as exercise. Yes, even if you eat them. Neither does power shopping. Argue all you want, but I'm not budging. SHOPPING WILL NOT MAKE YOU SKINNY.

I am hereby demanding that you dust off those old KettleWorx DVD's and start sweating your butt off. Literally and figuratively.

Management (aka, Me. Or You. Whatever.)


  1. I hear ya- send me a memo too! I trained for a 1/2 marathon this I am a ever-widening lazy toad!! Boo to lazy mommy...while I make my son take swim team- an hour and a half in the pool every day! Actually I would LOVE to do that. Now who's going to watch my kids for me (for free!) so I can be allowed that luxury??!! Oh wait- nope. I have to workout with kids screaming for my attention and making fun of my "brazilian butt-lift" dancing!!

  2. From your hips to God's ears (yeah I know that's not the saying, but it works) to bad we can't skype and workout together.

    Good luck! I am rooting for you

  3. This is the unfortunate truth. It puts a bit of a damper on the holidays. Have you SEEN the temptations in coffee and milk shake form??? Ugh...

  4. Mmmm...skinny lattes!

    At least you are peeling cucumbers and not wrappers off of chocolate bars! That reminds me, my kid's Halloween candy is calling me.....

  5. Are you sure this wasn't a memo to you from me? Wait...

  6. Ummm....power walking through the mall of America *could* make you skinny!! :)

  7. I should take this memo seriously for me too....

  8. Mmmm-mnh. I'm pregnant during the holidays for the last time - I'm eating myself stupid and worrying about it next year when I can nurse this year's snowman cookies into oblivion. (Or, that's the plan. Ask me next year.... uh...)

  9. Oh my word. I just gave myself this same talk!!! btw, I just joined Blog Frog and was going thru the welcome process and joined your community without realizing that it was you; I always participate in 5 Question Friday. Have a great weekend!

  10. I need to dust off some DVD and get ready for the holidays. Does looking for a DVD count as exercise?

  11. LOVE IT! My husband's R&R is the end of Jan. and a few months ago, I bought two Jillian Michaels DVDs, but I have only done them three or four times! I keep thinking "I have time!".. but I probably should get to work!


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